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Will Enlyten Energy Strips Replace Your Sports Drink?

Posted Mar 10 2010 9:44pm

A connection of mine sent me a message on LinkedIn telling me about a new product he was working on called Enlyten Electrolyte Strips. The idea enlyten-strips sounded interesting enough so I told him I would try a few samples out and write about them.

The basic idea of the Enlyten Electrolyte strip is that you eat a dissolvable strip so you can replenish all the nutrients and electrolytes you need in the fastest time possible. According to the company, these dissolvable thin strips get the ingredients to your bloodstream faster than sports drinks, gels, gu, etc.

I was given two types of Enlyten strips, the Energy Strips and the Electrolytes plus strips. I tasted both of them and they are not bad. They have that aftertaste that I get from all products containing artificial sugars like Sucralose and Acesulfame Pottasium, but they don’t taste too bad.

I’m just not sure what they do however. I was expecting a replacement for gues or sports drinks, but these strips don’t do that at all. They are simply vitamin supplements that contain no carbs, no protein, no nothing. I don’t get it. Why would anyone use these things?

After running or joggling , you’re still going to be thirsty so you still need to at least drink water. Drinking Gatorade seems a much better option than taking these strips. And when your hand is wet with sweat, good luck trying to pull these things out of their case!

I do appreciate innovation and this product is definitely different than other things I’ve seen. However, it seems little more than a tasty breath strip like the ones that Listerine sells. They’ve added some slick marketing but I couldn’t tell any improvement in my performance.

After doing a little investigation, it turns out that Enlyten is one of these Multilevel Marketing companies. You know, the ones where your friend has a party and then tries to get you to sign up to become a sales person? I’ve never been a big fan of MLMs as they are all essentially a legal pyramid scheme.

While I did appreciate getting the free samples, it’s difficult for me to recommend them to anyone. The claim that these products deliver nutrients to your bloodstream faster than other product forms is just not substantiated by any scientific studies; at least none that I could find. The products are also nutritional supplements which are not regulated by the FDA, so you can’t even be certain that you’re getting what is labeled on the packaging.

Nutrition supplements scare me.

Finally, Enlyten is a multi-level marketing company and I just wouldn’t give my money to any MLM company, period. The only way I would consider these products is if they were being sold in regular stores. But you might feel differently. Check out their Enlyten website if you do.

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