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Wild stilettos on the dance floor make for a tender run

Posted Jul 25 2010 4:17pm

What I love about weddings, in no particular order:

Alcohol (well, we are Irish)

I was so looking forward to my cousin's wedding this past Friday, despite the downpours, and heat and humidity, they managed to have an outdoor ceremony overlooking the Hudson. 
I was bummed that my brother and his wife couldn't make it, but it was great to see my extended family on such a happy day.

I tend to enjoy the cocktail hour more than the dinner, I like the chance to have a little bit of everything.  There were some beautiful salads, seafood and lamb, but I really went for the passed hors d'oeuvers like ahi tuna springrolls, tomato basil tarts and teeny tiny BLT's.  I tried Mike's lamb, and later on his filet, and they were like butter (I'm going to write more about how my relationship with meat is going in another post, but I went with the fish for dinner).  

As soon as I saw the cake, Mike took one look at me and said "I'll go take a picture of it right now."  It was white cake inside, and my brother in law described the chocolate frosting perfectly.  It was just like a Tootsie Roll.

I did have a couple of typical Molly moments.  During the cocktail hour, I was doing some plate/glass adjusting (I decided to forgo the mint juleps, in honor of the groom's Kentucky roots, for margaritas.  You know, since tequila is a safer choice over bourbon) and I managed to drop my fork.  Well, I didn't want to drop it and make a loud noise on the marble floor, so it tumbled a bit along the front of my dress before I caught it.  It left a few spots on the top of my dress, which my sister said just made me look like a breastfeeding mother.  Which I haven't been in three years.  

My family loves to dance (although my sister dances JUST like Elaine from Seinfeld) and it's pretty much a requirement when "Build Me Up Buttercup" is played, since it's my Mom and Aunt's favorite song.  What isn't fun though, is when a women dancing next to you manages to drill the top of your foot with her stiletto.  Can I get an ouch?  A bruise popped up immediately, and it even got a bit puffy, I wouldn't have been surprised if I broke it, since it was my right foot, and I've broken that ankle twice already.

My dress was a hit.  It did get a bit warm when I was dancing, but I like how it had a bit of draping in the front to disguise my baby belly.  A few days ago I was looking through my gazzilion photos, and I realized I didn't have any of just me and my Mom, the photos are usually of her and one of her six grandkids.  So we did that, and I also took a photo with my sister Meagen, which is my new favorite.

The party went on late into the evening back at the hotel.  Thankfully check out was at noon.  Mike and I managed to stumble out at 11:45.

Since the wedding was on Friday, I had to do my long run on Sunday.  Which was good since I needed to work off all that I had indulged in at the wedding. I wasn't looking forward to it, wasn't sure about my foot, and there were thunderstorms in the forecast.  But by the time Jeannine and Norine arrived, and my running shoes felt okay on my tender foot, I was ready to get it on.

I was happy with the run, the rain stayed away for the most part, and we varied the route a bit, and managed to get in a killer hill.  The great thing was, at mile 16, I felt like I could go farther than the planned 17.  Waaaay farther, which I take as a very good sign about my training. 

Next week.....18miles Baby!!
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