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WIAW: Snacks and Double-Runs

Posted Apr 04 2012 7:02pm


Helloooo, and happy Wednesday! I’ve missed joining Jenn ’s WIAW party for the last couple of weeks, so I think it’s time to remedy that!

An extra cup of veggies? Well I love all veg so that sounds good to me, but an extra cupcake sounds even better, so that’s my suggestion for next month Jenn! ;)


I enjoyed those cupcakes (Golden Syrup and Triple Choc) after my race on Sunday. Ms Cupcake’s stuff is the best in the world. If you didn’t know, I have been observing Lent, but Sundays are an “off” day…just another reason why Sundays are my favourite day! Smile with tongue out


Talking of that race, I know I still owe you a recap, but the photos and all the details still aren’t up online yet! But this is where I raced:

IMG_1244 IMG_1236  
In a HUGE stadium ! This stuff is so new to me, and my teammates found my awe at it’s size really funny! Some of them have been running track since they were kids, so they’re used to it, unlike me who finds it all so new and scary! But I LOVED it, and can’t wait till my next track race! Which is less than a week away incidentally!


Post-race eats that I picked up with the cupcakes:













Yummy vegan-friendly sandwich and one of my fave flavours of Luna bar! I was so happy to find it!


Snack-wise I am loving mini snack plates. I have been stuck at home studying for the last few days, so I literally have a plate like this every hour to munch on.


I’m not kidding when I say every hour. Snacking is the love of my life.


A million coffees have been consumed. It is most definitely a full-blown addiction now. I need help.


P.S. Those are my new Kinvaras in the background! I love Saucony, and I <3 the Kinvaras! Normally I’m a bright colour shoe kinda gal but those were on sale for only £30, so I snatched them up!


My fave dinner recently is tofu stir-fry! !t only takes 5 minutes to make, gives you three portions of veg, and is perfect for a quick post-training meal!



And my extra veg for the day? I’ll take a cup of these please.


Because they have veggie in the name, that means they’re made from veggies, right?


After a week of pretty much PERFECT weather, yesterday I got caught out on my run in a sudden windy-rain downpour whilst wearing shorts and a tee. It made me feel like this:


Somehow people always manage capture my best moments on camera


My workout was done on the trails. 4×5 minutes at tempo pace with 2 min jog between each, plus a few miles warm-up and cool down. After racing just two days before, it was a shorter workout than normal so my legs didn’t hate me too much;) But trying to run fast on the trails with the wind and rain driving at you was not easy! So my tempo pace was slower than I would’ve expected it to be, but the effort was there, and my legs sure met that lactic in the last interval!


Busted out my fire shoes because I’ve been missing them! Have I mentioned yet that I love Saucony?


Oh, and I had my first ever DOUBLE-RUN day on Monday! So excited to make this a regular part of my training a couple of days a week! My legs definitely felt more tired by the end of my second run (didn’t help that I raced the day before!), and running first thing in the morning will take some getting used to for me, but getting to run twice= double the endorphins=twice as happy Emma:)


Anyway, I’ve just rented this movie, since I missed seeing it when it was out at the cinema, and my evening is going to be spent watching it and munching my way through as much popcorn I can.



Has anyone else seen the Help? I loved the book, so I hope the movie’s just as good!


Have you ever included double runs in your training? Not before Monday I didn’t! But I loved it!


How do you get in your veggies? Other than in sweet form, I usually include at least one portion at every meal, and for snacks too.


Have a great day! <3

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