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Posted Jun 14 2011 6:10pm

Hey friends, and welcome to the usual What I Ate+Worked Tuesday Wednesday, hosted as always by the lovely Jenn at Peas and Crayons !!

So let’s get down to it…

What I Ate!

Shall we start with breakfast?


Chocolate Banana Oatbran Pudding ! This is like my go-to breakfast. Keeps me full for hours and satisfies my sweet tooth at the same time- win win Smile


Lunch was totally random, but I just rolled with what I was feeling. Enjoyed in 3 parts… DSC00691

A Fitnessista breakfast cookie (made with added 1/2 mashed banana and raisins), a bowl of sweetcorn and a chopped apple with cashew buttah! Totally hit the spot!! It was my first ever time trying a Fitnessista breakfast cookie!! I just made it before I left for the gym and stuck in ma fridge and then it was ready and waiting for me when I got back! Open-mouthed smile DSC00693

SO delicious!!


Apparently today was an oaty day. I love me some oats. So I had oats in some form for breakfast and lunch, so why not an afternoon snack as well? DSC00719

Yes that is a whole bowl of oatmeal as a snack. Have I ever mentioned I have a pretty large appetite? Winking smile Just the usual 1/2 cup oats microwaved this time with raisins. Oatbran, (oaty) Breakfast Cookie and Oatmeal in one day. Can’t beat that! Smile with tongue out


I also managed to fit in a banana with apricot-cashew butter ….


And then dinner! Which I forgot to photograph (‘twas lentil stew) but really the best part is the dessert anyway and we all know it. Especially when it involves peanut butter frosting, chocolate chips AND sprinkles. Oh yes… DSC00745

Same as I had a couple of days ago in this post , but with sprinkles which obviously took it to a whole new level Winking smile I am on SUCH a Single Lady Cupcake kick at the moment, so I’m sorry if you see nothing but these in tomorrow’s post, because I honour my cravings and I might feel like having them for every meal who knows!


What I Worked!

(P.S. If you didn’t see my shin update see the beginning of yesterday’s post !!)

Basically, the bike and me have become best buds the last four weeks of no running. Four weeks, can you believe it?! I can’t!! But soon I’ll ditch the bike again for Betty…


Aaah Betty I miss you. We will be reunited in less than a week, and we will have a serious running PARTY Smile (P.S. If I have just confused you there Betty is my favourite treadmill and yes I do talk to her…)


But really, I’m not going to ditch the bike. It is apparently the BEST form of cross-training (not including ‘elite’ machines like those Nordic ski thingys) you can do if you do good workouts! I used to be glued to the elliptical before my injury because it’s the most like running, but apparently it’s not great cross-training because it still works all the same muscles as running and doesn’t rest your calves. So anyway here’s another tough bike workout for you, from my future running coach. Get ready to SWEAT!! Open-mouthed smile


Hill Sprints Bike Workout

  • Warm-up for at least 5 minutes
  • 1 minute hill sprint (HIGH resistance, going all out. Extra challenge: after 30 secs turn the resistance up even more)
  • 30 seconds spinning (No resistance, fast legs)
  • 1 minute easy cycling (medium resistance, RPM 80-90)
  • Repeat as many times as desired, then cooldown for 10 minutes.

This one is TOUGH. And you have to sprint all out for that one minute, so no cheating and doing half effort! Your heart rate should get to about 95% during the hill sprints and then come right back down to low aerobic (about 65%) by the end of your 1.5 minute recovery, ready to to sprint up that hill again!


Gotta love those craaaazy endorphins! Winking smile



And by the way…….


….a little something for YOU tomorrow…


Haha it said what it was on the package so I had to write over it and leave you guessing! Smile with tongue out Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for an AWESOME giveaway!!


What is your go-to breakfast? Definitely banana oatbran pudding!


Best thing you ate today or yesterday? Definitely the Single Lady Cupcake with PB frosting+choc chips+ sprinkles Smile


Random Q: Do you have an exercise class you’ve heard about that you want to try? Yes LOADS! I’m actually trying some new things this week, including pilates tomorrow and hot yoga later this week! Can’t WAIT!! I love trying new things!!


LOTS OF LOVE and sending happy wishes to you for a great day!! <3

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