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WIAW and stocking the freezer pre-baby

Posted Jul 02 2014 9:20am

Hi friends,

Thanks for sharing my excitement about post-baby race plans ! And although a marathon is probably a little crazy, none of you made me feel foolish, so thanks for that.  :)

I will hit 36 weeks on Friday, which means two things regarding food:

1) Nothing sounds good anymore so I’m aiming for frequent, small meals these days and am really losing an interest in cooking dinner!

2) The one thing I am motivated to cook is anything that we can pile into the freezer. Nesting, maybe?

So I’ll give you a little glimpse of both today.  I don’t have one complete WIAW , but here are some of the things I’ve been eating:


36 weeks breakfast

Often something egg related: scrambled eggs in a wrap, or with my husband’s potatoes above.

36 weeks WIAW

If I ran before breakfast, I often find I need breakfast #2 around 10am.  I started making steel cut oats on the stovetop (overnight) which makes it really easy to throw together breakfast or a snack.  I used this recipe .


  36 week wiaw lunch sauerkraut I know- looks strange, right?! Remember my craving for sauerkraut in the 1st trimester? Just this week it came back.  I made this wrap (Engine ancient grain tortilla) with mashed avocado, tuna, black beans, sauerkraut and sugar snap peas.  Random but SO delicious!

Side note: I love this sauerkraut from Whole Foods because it doesn’t have any additional preservatives, but it annoys me how expensive it is when sauerkraut is VERY easy to make yourself (and cheap!).  I’m hoping to make some in the next week or so and I’ll share the simple recipe.

Lunch is usually followed up with some sort of nut/chocolate combo- lately a simple trail mix of almonds, raisins and a piece or two of dark chocolate.


36 weeks wiaw snack

I confess, with each passing week my snacks have gone downhill (health wise) but this was a good one! Plain Greek yogurt (full fat) with blueberries and Larabar’s grain free granola.  Yum!!


36 weeks wiaw dinner

My appetite is hit or miss at dinner, but this caprese salad hit the spot.  And I made chicken tenders with coconut flour as mock “chicken nuggets”- L wasn’t a big fan (she is not a meat eater these days) but I liked them!

Evening snack:

I try to eat something before bed if I can stomach it since my weight gain has been slow the last few weeks.  It’s often cereal, a smoothie, or fresh fruit- anything cold!

Freezer stash:

I mentioned in Sunday’s meal plan that I want to stock up our freezer when meals from family and friends run out.  It’s also a great excuse to do more experimenting with coconut flour. So far I made pizza dough,

Freezer pizza dough

a double batch of tomato sauce pureed with sauteed veggies:

Freezer Tomato Veggie Sauce

Lindsay’s coconut protein bars (I used chocolate hemp protein powder in place of vanilla):

Freezer Coconut Protein Bars

and Apple Cinnamon Coconut Flour Muffins from Wellness Mama.

Freezer coconut flour muffins

We have a deep freezer from the days we used to do a lot more u-pick fruit, freezing veggies from the garden, salsa, etc and we finally plugged it back in.  It’s more efficient when it’s full, so I am motivated to fill it up.  A Costco trip this week should help with that, too!

What are your favorite foods to freeze?

What summer foods are most appealing to you right now?

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