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WIAW {10-10-2012}

Posted Oct 10 2012 8:36am

This month’s WIAW theme is spooky snacks and healthy treats and while I don’t have any spooky snacks to show you (sorry!), I have been enjoying some fall foods on a pretty regular basis. That should count, right?

Anyway let’s get to it and as always thanks to Jenn for hosting!

{5:15 am} Pre-run Snack

I had the usual medjool date stuffed with peanut butter and a little chocolate almond milk to wash it down. By the way that chocolate almond milk is addicting, I bought it a few weeks ago to use in a smoothie and since then it’s mysteriously been finding it’s way into my shopping cart every week. Spooky right?

{7:15 am} Breakfast

Since I showed you yesterday’s breakfast and talked about my run in this post , I’m not going to bore you with repeats and instead am showing you today’s breakfast. I toasted two gf waffles and then topped them with peanut butter, cinnamon protein apples (diced apple microwaved for 1:30 with cinnamon + vanilla protein powder), and maple syrup/agave blend.

{9:00 am} Coffee

Instead of drinking coffee at my apartment, I usually bring a thermos of coffee + stevia + almond milk to work with me. Yesterday I tried the new TJ’s pumpkin spice coffee and fell in love. It is amazing AND pre-ground– a rarity at TJ’s!

{12:00 pm} Lunch

This lunch is a perfect example of what happens when (a) there are no leftovers in the fridge (b) you don’t have enough lettuce for a big salad and (c) you’re too cheap to go out for lunch. I ended up mixing the last of the lettuce blend with kale, mushrooms, and homemade vegan ranch salad dressing. I also had a gf vegan “bagel” on the side that I ended up topping with Peanut Butter & Co’s The Heat is On pb. Unfortunately I had to attend a webinar during my lunch hour so I was stuck eating lunch at my desk.

{1:45 pm} Snack

I forgot to pack fruit in my lunch so after the webinar was over I ran out and grabbed an apple from a nearby grocery store. I wish I could have eaten in later in the afternoon but I had a meeting at 2 pm that I was almost positive would run over (and it did).

{7:00 pm} Dinner

Dinner was edible perspective ‘s cocoa chili . I pretty much followed the recipe exactly and only adjusted the spices a little bit (adding more adobo sauce and more cocoa powder). The meal was fantastic and I definitely went back for seconds. Looks like I might have a new favorite chili recipe ;) .

But seriously, you should all go and make this chili for dinner tonight.

{9:45 pm} Snack

We ended up paying Ian’s brother a visit last night to see his new dog and when we got back I was in the mood for something sweet. I ended up mixing applesauce with almond butter and then stirring in a few pieces of chocolate and some pecans. It wasn’t gourmet but it hit the spot!

What’s your favorite fall food? Do you have a go-to chili recipe?

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