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why running skirts > running shorts + eating my body weight in sushi

Posted Jun 21 2011 12:00am
Today was a hot, sticky, humid mess.  I ended up working later today, so I had to fit in a quick run before my sushi date with the gals.  I was hoping to do a 5k, but it was just soooo humid, the sweat was dripping off (pretty, no?)  I opted to try the new running skirt.  Upon wearing it, I've come to a conclusion.  Running skirts >  running shorts.  Why?  Simple, really.  The compression shorts underneath?  They rock.  I can say this for both skirts I have.  I love me some compression shorts and it's handy that they're built in.  But, what makes it better -(since you could technically just throw compression shorts under your regular shorts), I feel like you are less restricted by running skirts.  I feel like I can move my legs any which way and not be locked in by it.  My shorts always makes me feel much more restricted in my movement.  I've also noticed that my legs rub together more with shorts than they do with skirts.  Therefore, skirts are better.  Plus, I look cuter in them, so there's that ;)
love it!

and I love this one in particular because there's a zipper pocket on the back near the booty.   do you see it?  If not, it may be that I just wanted to show you a booty shot (or lack thereof) haha
I ended up running 2.10 miles in 18:40 and when I got home, I immediately went into the basement where it as cooler and drank copious amounts of water between squirting myself with my water bottle.  I was THAT hot.  Ryan found me in the basement and thought I was a nut job, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.  I hope it's less hot tomorrow my longer run and REALLLLLY hope it's cooler on saturday for the 10 miler!
After taking a nice icy shower, I left to meet the girls while leaving Ryan to do this: cutting gizzy's hair for the summer!
Surprisingly Gizmo was very calm while he was doing it - he must have been one hot dog because he usually squirms!

We opted to go to a place that all but one had never been and it was an excellent choice  We got a bunch of different rolls to try and all shared.  Here was round 1  (yes, there was more than one round..) that right there?  IS HEAVEN.
We all agreed we were still we got round 2: all but one measly piece was eaten.  Wow.
Of course, we had to snap some pics of us too: Julie and Amber

Me and  Erika  (link to her blog)
all of us!
We had a great time chatting about everything under the sun, including how another friend is "worried" about me because I'm "addicted to racing".  Hey, I'm not disputing that but...I'm a little confused about how that's a bad thing?  I'm not letting it affect my job or relationships, I am smart about it - it's not like I'm doing it to whittle myself away (hello, clearly I eat), I'm not part of a drug cartel (at least I don't think...haha, TOTALLY KIDDING ).  Soo...I guess I'm a little stumped on the concern.  For me it's a way to keep me motivated, it's fun, and I think it's a way to be competitive in a healthy way.  Has anyone else ever had an encounter with this?  What's the beef?
After deciding our next outing will be copious amounts of mexican food and margaritas, we parted ways....except somehow Erika and I ended up getting ice cream.  Do you SEE why we're friends?!
vanilla ice cream with a flavor burst of black cherry.  DELICIOUS!
and now...I must go die because I've consumed  I kiiiid, but much food.  
I'll leave you with these qs:
-Did I convert anyone to try a running skirt?  hehe :)
-What's the best way you like to cool down after a HOT run?  All I want is an ice cold shower, always.
-Have you ever gotten flack about being addicted to running/racing?  How did you deal?
-How was your Tuesday run?  Hopefully more successful than mine!
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