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Why Running Dreams Matter

Posted Jan 18 2013 6:42am

Runner to runner, we get it.  Right? Running dreams are a big deal.

With the marathon behind me,  I started turning my attention to other things coming up for us as a family.  Some big life changes are possible… family goals, career directions, starting a business as a health coach, where we will “settle down” and so on.

Sometimes my running goals seem so trivial.  Why do they mean so much to me?

I’ve always been a passionate person, wanting my life to make an impact. Getting my MSW to pursue works of social justice.  Growing my faith. Wanting my passions to fuel my career.

I want to see people’s lives changed for the better through my work, service, acts of faith.  I want my family to push past our fears and do the things we value… things that make a difference.

After wrestling for a few months with one particularly challenging decision, it became clear Sunday night, post-marathon.  Both my husband and I felt at peace and ready to take a new, scary step.

And you know what I realized? My running has directly impacted my confidence in other areas of my life.

It has given me the courage to chase some big dreams.

(Thanks to Lindsay for sharing this graphic.)

Running is not directly creating world peace, or bringing harmony to relationships, or reconnecting us to God/nature/world.

However, setting a goal and seeing it come to fruition is empowering!

Running has taught me that I can take risks and things might turn out alright.  And that if everything flops, I can handle that, too.

When a race goes well, I feel strong and capable.

When they go poorly, I learn how to hang on and endure the challenge.  How to cope with discomfort and pain.

Trivial or not, I’m going to keep chasing those running goals.

What has running taught you? Are there areas in your life where you could dream a little bigger?


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