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Why I Run…

Posted Jan 26 2013 6:00pm

Have I always loved to run, absolutely not!

In high school I ran because my parents made me participate in a sport. Everyone made the track team and I had my bases covered for the year with cross country, indoor and outdoor track. By the time I was in college running was not even a passing thought. Actually running did not cross my mind till I wanted to shed some extra weight.

When I started running a year and half ago I never dreamed I would be able to run up 15 miles without stopping. Honestly a year and half ago I could not run a quarter mile without stopping to walk.

So why this change of heart, where has this love for running come from? There are many reason but how about my top seven.

- No Equipment Needed: All I need are my running shoes, shorts, tank and iPod and away I go.


- Zombie Apocalypse:  Hey I can run 15 miles without stopping.  This will definitely come in handy during the zombie apocalypse.


- Runners Legs:  Not trying to brag but with all those miles comes a great looking set of legs.  People ask me all the time, what do you do?


- Me Time:  Hey I love my hubby and boys, but it’s nice to have some quality time with myself too!


- Calorie Burner:  Lets face it, the best way to burn calories is to run.  The more calories I burn the more I can eat.  It’s a win, win for me! 


- My Boys:  My boys think I am awesome and to be an inspiration to them is beyond anything I can ask for.  We even drag them to fun runs from time to time.  The boys are starting to learn to pace themselves. 

20055160812681245_nAnnhX1D_c - I can:  There is always a chance I will not be able to run; it might be tomorrow it might be years from now; but while I can, I run.


What is your favorite fitness activity?  What pushes you to participate?

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