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why I hate business trips ...

Posted Nov 11 2010 3:56am
So, I haven't really ever gone on a business trip. I think you actually need a job for that. OK, maybe once, I kind of had a business trip (my coaching certification course). But even then, it was more like a day at work rather than an actual trip, since I drove home after each session.

J, on the other hand, has been on half a million business trips. A large part of his job is to audit events and attend meetings all over the country. Some are heavier travel months than others, but being the one who "holds down the fort," I often feel like the travel is non-stop (I know in actuality that it's not.)

For instance, J had trips last week and this week and next week. His current adventures will get him home a mere 17 hours before he toes the line at the Richmond Half Marathon on Saturday. (Nothing like cutting it close.)

Now, I will admit it. Sometimes, it makes things easier when J is gone. I have my schedule and I can stick to it without interference. But most of the time, I REALLY hate it. And this is why ...

1. I miss J. I love him to pieces and not seeing him totally sucks. Plus, the vast majority of my time is spent with people age five and under, and some days I don't get enough adult interaction.

2. It is really hard to get my kids ready for the day without any help. By choice, we drive Dizzle to school. When J is here, one of us takes her in while the other one stays with Doodle and Dilly (who is usually sleeping). If J's not here, I have to wake up Dilly a good hour before she would normally get up and have all three kids ready to walk out the door by 7:30 a.m.

3. Certain errands don't get accomplished. There are some places I don't like to go with my children. The list includes, but is not limited to, the bank, the grocery store, the post office. When J is home, I can usually sneak away for solo trips to these places. When he's gone, things don't get mailed and we eat from the pantry.

4. Bath time is a NIGHTMARE. Getting three tired children cleaned up and ready for bed is a hard task when both parents are present. Take one out of the mix and things go from bad to worse.

5. I eat more than I normally would. I am an emotional eater. And boredom is a BIG trigger for me. Once I get the girls in bed and have nothing to do and no one to talk to, I eat. I know I shouldn't but the little self-control I have goes right out the window when the boredom sets in.

6. Business trips mess with my running schedule. Early morning runs are out. Non-stroller runs are out. And unless I want to pay a babysitter (which I don't), the treadmill becomes my running partner. And sometimes, I'm just not feeling it.

7. I get crazy jealous that I don't get to go. Sure, J has to work. But, he gets to travel the country, eat at awesome restaurants and sleep peacefully without the threat of a screaming child, all of which sounds pretty fantastic to me.

You know, now that I think about it, moms should get business trips too ...
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