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Why I am A Runner

Posted Jul 19 2006 12:00am

I can't think of anything I dislike more than running. Funny huh? I know what you're wondering, why do you run then? I have never thought about that question much until a friend asked me the other day at work. When I first started running about six years ago, it was to lose weight. Anyone who runs will tell you that it becomes an addiction. Each race you enter you think will be "your last for the season". But, yet, you sign up for another one when it's done. For me, it's the sense of knowing I can always improve and knowing that I can do better. I am never really satisfied when it comes to running or triathlons. I also run because I like to challenge my body. My mind could go for miles and miles and I like to show my body that my mind is usually right. I like to show my asthma that it can't control or limit what I do. I also love to run to be outside. I think I am one of those weird people that if I could live in the woods and be outdoors all the time, I'd be happy. Tonight I went for a run and thankfully avoided my friend the skunk. I didn't really want to fight him when chances are good, he could probably outrun me and he had a nasty spray for defense. All I had was my iPod. I think he would have won. I suppose I could have thrown it at him but that would have angered him more and then he really would have sprayed me. I'm debating over signing up for another triathlon over Labor Day weekend. I don't have any plans and for the first time in six years, I'll be home. It feels very strange. I am sure I'll enter the race as I'm a certified addict!
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