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Why do I have weakness in my toes even after two years of no running?

Posted by cajunrunner

I have weakness in my toes for the past two years and nothing has helped.  There is no pain but my foot does not feel normal.  After I run about a mile my toes begin to curl down and move upward.  I went to the doctors and they have taken x-rays(negative), mri(negative), and cortisone shots and nothing has helped. I even got 500 dollar inserts for my feet.  I ran in college and ran a couple of marathons and I have had every injury in the book but this one baffles me.  If someone knows what this is please help me out?
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I can't say anything about your toes, but your mention of having every injury in the book caught my attention. How hard do you push yourself when you run? Injuries from running aren't normal and usually mean you're pushing yourself too much, or have the wrong shoes, or have poor form. Do you run heavy/light? Follow the 10% rule in increasing your distance or speed? Maybe the movement in your toe is a reaction to too much stress on your body from running?
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