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Why Are You Running the Chicago Marathon?

Posted Apr 10 2010 5:55am

Every year the Chicago Marathon tries to find stories about people doing the marathon. Since I’ve already been featured on their website, I’m not going to submit my answers. But I thought it was an interesting enough exercise, so I’ll post my answers to their questions here.

What specifically was the determining factor in your decision to run a marathon in 2010?
I enjoy doing the Chicago marathon for a variety of reasons. First, I have a great time running in my home town. The Chicago marathon is one of the best organized events and the crowds are just fantastic. Second, I find a fall marathon keeps me motivated to run and train all summer long. It is the best inspiration to get you out on the pavement on the early weekend mornings. Third, I have a goal to do 44 marathons and this one helps get me to that goal. Finally, I just love joggling the Chicago marathon!

Why did you select the Bank of America Chicago Marathon in particular?
Because it’s in my home town and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the race in the past.

What is your ultimate goal for this race?
My ultimate goal would be to qualify for the Boston Marathon. That will require me to run a 3:20. We’ll see if I have it in me. Weight loss would be nice too.

Have you had to overcome any personal challenges in your training (e.g. injury, illness, loss of job, loss of loved one, etc.) that will make finishing an even more significant success?
Not really. I sometimes find it difficult to run as far or as fast as I’d like but this happens to everyone. (I think).

Are you trying to improve your health or change your lifestyle? If so, please share your short and long term goals and plans to achieve them.

I’m just trying to maintain my health. My short-term plan would be to lose a little weight so I could increase my chances of living a long time. My long term goal is to live until I’m 107. Marathon running and juggling are all part of the plan to achieve that goal.

Share any humorous or inspirational training stories.
When I run, I juggle.

If you have run in previous Chicago Marathons please share your memories of the experience(s).
I’ve run in 11 previous Chicago Marathons. I remember the first one had only 9000 runners and I came in around 4300th place. If I could come in 4300th place now, that would really be something!

My favorite memories of the Chicago marathon are running north and listening to the roar of the crowd as I run by. People love the juggling and I get amazing cheers and smiles. Sometimes when I’m training alone, I think of those cheering crowds and it motivates me to straighten up and smile.

Are you doing the Chicago marathon this year? If so, why?

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