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Whole30 Week 1 review

Posted Jan 25 2013 12:45pm

My introduction to the started with a copy of It Starts With Food being sent to me for review. When I first started reading I thought “oh great, another don’t eat crap book”, which yes they tell you not to eat crap but they also tell you all the reasons why. The first two chapters are a nice introduction to the overall view and experience of the authors

The first 3-4 days were very hard for me with my cravings and feeling tired. Now it’s not as bad but I still seem a little irritable at times….thank goodness my hubby is very understanding :)

Important things I have learned during the first week:

  • When a cravings kicks in distract yourself and I don’t mean by watching tv!! Get up and go for a walk or if it’s night time brush your teeth. Just do something to get your mind off that treat. This worked great for me and when I thought about that cookie or cupcake again I didn’t feel like I HAD to have it.
  • Make sure that your family knows what you’re doing and why. It is so much easier when your friends and family back you and don’t bring you treats or things you can’t eat. It also helps cause they will keep you accountable.
  • As the book says, don’t focus on what you can’t have….focus on what you can! Don’t think about how you can’t have pasta just think of a veggie to replace it. For me it seems to take me out of the negative and into the positive. You are still having your meals you just replace bread with butternut squash now. Soon it will just be automatic :)
  • You might have an emotional episode (aka a breakdown) and that is ok! It will get better and yes I even cried during the first week!
  • DO NOT watch the food network!! I love watching chopped and all those shows until I started the Whole30. Now it just makes me crave everything and anything. Hence the saying out of sight, out of mind

So with all this said I also must admit that after my first 10 days I went off of the Whole30 program. I got this nasty flu and really just needed some plain crackers and hot water with honey. Its not like I went all crazy eating bad things but I ate what helped my tummy feel better. I rarely get sick and haven’t had the flu in over 3 years (hopefully won’t get it again for a long time!!). I am finally starting to feel a little better and will be jumping right back on the plan. I truly felt so much better and while I was off from my flu I had a bite of a cookie and it didn’t taste good at all…I was in SHOCK!! This sweets loving girl didn’t even want the cookie let alone anything else like it. This weekend will be more food prep like usual and back at it I go :) It’s not about the fact that you fell off the wagon but that you get right back on :)


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