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Who you calling fat???

Posted Jul 20 2012 12:00am
I think it's time for an ultra-quick lunchtime rant. I've been meaning to write an indignant post about this article that was published in The Independent while we were away, so here it is.

Did you see it? Great. Basically, there's nothing much to say about it aside from WTF???

I think it's so brutally irresponsible for an official (or anyone, really) to make that type of comment when we are talking about these two gorgeous athletes. [And not just these two. Things like that should never be said to anyone as they're mean-spirited and hurtful. Think it, if you must, I admit to having mean thoughts at times, but no need to verbalize it. Deal?]  'nuff said
I could post some pix now of all those mega-skinny (and hence rather unattractive, IMHO) celebs out there, the ones distorting our perception of what's normal and what's not, what's healthy looking and what's not, what's hot and what's not. But let's keep this short and sweet, shall we? 
The obvious point to take away from all of this (and to make it all about me again, d'oh!) is the following: if Jessica Ennis (left) and Louise Hazel are considered overweight or even fat, what are you gonna call me, hey? A whole new set of vocabulary would have to be developed to describe my severely obese-über-fatty-gargantuan self! So to preserve the English language as is, let's stop dropping the F-bomb, shall we?!
So let's keep it real. Jessica and Louise have some of the most enviable bodies out there and it's nothing short of admirable that they look like that through killer dedication [and I don't mean the kind of dedication where you deny yourself that extra creamy dessert, the milk in your coffee or even choose to unload your calorific dinner down the toilet, that's nothing to be proud of], no, I mean the killer dedication that it takes to train to become the world class athletes that these two are. 
Go for gold in London. You girls rock!!!

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