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who runs with their pants on backwards?!

Posted Dec 20 2010 12:00am
Let me preface this post with this following statement:  I am somewhat of an idiot.  Here's why (for a few reasons)

1.  I ran my entire run, did some ab work, and stretched all while wearing my running tights backwards.  I had NO idea.  The only reason I found out was because my boyfriend said, "are you wearing your tights backwards??"  I said, "uhh what?  I don't know?"  He said, "no, I know you do, you have an under armour symbol on your butt."  I glanced, and lo and behold, they were on the wrong way.  Sheesh, I thought they felt different today - whoops!

2.  I thought running outside was a good idea today.  It wasn't.  The temp was actually pretty mild for the day before winter's official start, especially in Michigan.  There wasn't a whole lotta wind.  I decided to brave it.  Big mistake.  Huge.  (pretty woman anyone?)   For the past week, our subdivision has been an ice rink.  No joke.  You fishtail if you go faster than 5mph.  However, today the roads were drivable.  By that I mean you could safely go 10 and not fishtail.  I assumed that since they were improving, surely it would be okay to run.  I was wrong.  I started off and it was a little slick, but I figured, 'hey I can do this'.  The road was not an option for running, it was just still much too slick.  I stuck to the sidewalk.  It was just as icy.  I spent the entirety of my run dodging icy patches and hoping for snowy patches.  The snowy patches were just as rough.  They were all clumpy and uneven, so my foot kept slipping awkwardly on them.  It wasn't fun.  Near the last 1/2 mile I hit an extremely icy patch.  I was sure I was going to fall.  I felt myself slipping and did the whole "whooooaaaa," complete with arms flailing.  I looked COOL (lame). 

3.  I thought I was going to be all hardcore running outside today, like maybe people would think, "wow that girl is dedicated, she's running in this weather".  Nope.  I was wrong.  Surely they thought, "hey look at that idiot pretending to run.  I think she may even have her pants on backwards". 

Ohhh well, I did it at least.  Needless to say my time was not spectacular.  I ran 5k in 30 mins, but considering the circumstances, I'll take it. 

The one bright side?  I had on super cute running gear (despite it not matching)  Here are some pics

I just got the shirt for $20 at Dick's!  It even has the cool thumbholes.  It was on sale for 40, plus I had a 20 dollar gift cert. from black Friday.  Gizmo snuck in the pic too, hi gizzy!

I know I clash, but it was comfy and warm.  Notice armour under shirt, tights, headband, and gloves.  Love.
(this is my I'm ready to run pose LOL)


I'll leave you with the following questions:

- How do you handle running in the snow/ice?  (Do you brave it or just hop on the mill?)

-Do you love the thumbhole shirts as much as I do?

-How do you feel about wearing your running pants backwards? LOL

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