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white rabbit white rabbit white rabbit!

Posted Aug 01 2010 6:31am
One of my favorite childhood friends always used to remind me that the first thing I was supposed to say when i woke up on the first of the month was " white rabbit white rabbit white rabbit! " for good luck. To this day, every first of the month, I think of it, and wonder how anyone can remember to utter that before "alright I'm getting up, ugggh, hold on" or something similar, to their kids, spouse, dog, or alarm clock.

728 days until Ironman.

July was a whirlwind of a month. Slowly coming back from injury, I managed 70 miles of running, swimming, and biking...and a little bit of lawn mowing tossed in there. I'm taking the low mileage lightly, as there is no pain in my ankle, so I don't want to jinx myself. I'm SO thankful that there is no pain in my ankle.

I joined the local running group for a Saturday morning run, finally. I've been meaning to do it for, oh, 3 years now, but it was always something. Kids, school, work, Rich, homework, something. Last Saturday, I finally drove my butt up to the meeting location at 5:45 a.m., and had a nice 9.25 mile run with some local runners. It was fantastic. The company was great, and being able to get an *almost* double digit run in for the first time in probably 3 months was a huge confidence booster. This Saturday (yesterday), my good intentions to join the group again went right out the window as I slept through my alarm clock, haha. You win some, you lose some.

I had my last mountain dew, and my last sip of soda on Tuesday July 13th. That would make today day #19 without soda. I'm beginning to believe the "21 day habit" theory because to be honest with you, I don't even crave it anymore. Yet to ensure my success, my loving partner in crime returned from the grocery store yesterday with a 2 liter of dew and proceeded to decorate and taunt me with it. I say loving somewhat sarcastically because I'm not sure if he's trying to help or totally mocking me, haha. But, the true test of strong will perhaps? Having a 2 liter at my disposal whenever I want it. Because he and I are fiercely competitive with each other, I promised him he'd have to start cleaning the dust off of that mountain dew when it's still sitting there next month and the month after. I'm not losing this one!

August is an exciting and busy month. The 18th I head back to school for the LAST semester of classes before I earn my bachelors degree. Rowen is also heading to his first "semester" of school ever. So i have to spend the next few weeks working on getting him to bed at a decent hour and up by 6 am so we can make it to school by 7. This will be an adventure. And then, of course, there is Iron Girl on the 22nd.

I thrive on being busy. This summer has been a learning process for me for sure, and I've learned that sitting around the house, not working, not going to school, and rehabbing an injury is enough to drive me batty. Of course I loved spending time with the boys, but with the ridiculous weather hovering around 95+ degrees everyday, we were stuck in the house, A LOT. I think it drove us all a little insane. So I'm excited for this month. And thus, I've made a list of goals to strive for

1) 75 miles of running

2) 100 miles of biking

3) 4 miles of swimming (7040 yards...hey , that's a lot for me, haha)

4) join the GSRC for at least 2 more Saturday runs.

5) get in the gym at least 2x a week to strength train (my Achilles heel! It's so boring!) and 2x a week at home (kettlebells = not as boring)

6) try not to freak out when I drop around $500 on textbooks.

7) try not to cry when I drop Rowen off to his first day at pre-school.

8) try to do at least 2 local open water swims (meaning, open ocean)

oh, and 9) do not drown nor fall of the bike on a hill at Iron Girl
I think that sounds like a plan !
What about all of you? Anything exciting or adventurous up your sleeves for August?
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