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Posted Feb 20 2011 9:05pm

As most weekends I run both Saturday and Sunday with Saturday typically being the long run day.  Our weather over the last two days has been in a word windy.  Gust of 40 mph on Saturday made the 4 miler a bit rough but then Sunday even though the winds were not as strong, the temps were much lower.  Because of plans to be at my brothers fairly early I decided to do my long run today.  10 miles with 20 mph winds and wind chill of 4 degrees that froze my water bottle left me feeling beaten up by the time I got home.

Yesterday, we drove up to Newton to visit my brother and look for a new car for the Hubs.  I’ve never really understood why we are forced to barter for a car.  Really?  Who walks into a store and offers to pay different prices for other products we shop for?  It seems odd that you may purchase the same car someone bought an hour earlier for a totally different price.  It is just mind boggling.  Because my brother is friends with a sales manager at a Nissan dealer we opted to go in that direction with the hope that we would at least have a smoother transaction.  I have to say that the folks at Clay Nissan are stellar.  If you are in need of a car I would highly recommend Dave Martin or John Myer.  We walked away with a good deal without the hassle and got ourselves a wonderful new Rouge. 

Buying a car made us so hungry.  We stopped at an Irish pub, Paddy’s.  A typical menu of pub fare made it a difficult choice.


My first option was to try the Irish Country Side Shepherd’s Pie, however my brother ordered my favorite sandwich, the Ruben, so I quickly changed my mind.  And I was not disappointed. 


Ok, so I know this wasn’t the most clean meal, but since it was after 4 pm and the last time I had eaten was 9 am I thought what the heck. 

It was a whirlwind of a weekend from the windy runs to buying a new car I am ready to take my President’s Day off from work to take care of the housework that I neglected this weekend.  It may not sound like fun, but I am just grateful for another day off. 

I’m Listening:  Do you have President’s Day off? 


Closing Thought:  Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder. -George Washington

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