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While I've been Hiding... A Photo Dump

Posted Apr 24 2013 12:39pm
Yes, yes, yes, I'm still around, not to worry (in case you were worried. You may not have even noticed that my blogging frequency had diminished quite a bit over the last week or so...). In that case, I hope you unwittingly enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Anyhoo, only one good reason for the lack of communication: a general feeling of blah-ness...

A whole bunch of little things ended up making a bigger thing that left me entirely unmotivated in face of this wee little blog for which I normally care a whole lotta lot. Maybe it was the combination of the Boston after-shock, a disastrous first run in the sun (that resulted in my knee-pain coming back with a vengeance), the fact that I seem to have to jump through a gazillion hoops in order to see anyone semi-qualified to deal with my knee, and...well, let's not bore you to tears.

I promise I'll snap out of this soon enough. My malaises generally don't last very long. In the meantime, here's a bit of a photo dump of what I've been up to while not blogging. In case you wondered. Until we meet again, keep your fingers crossed the magic doctor with the knee-healing fairy dust can see me before the week's out.

There's been a lot of gym time. Girls' gotta stay busy and strong, right?!

Pre-disastrous run, sporting my Team Rainbow top for the first time. Unfortunately it didn't turn out to be a lucky shirt for me...

Then there was London with lots and lots of yummy food. Taco salad for dinner anyone?

Or maybe a fresh salad for lunch?

Deli-love in LDN 
Where they know how to recycle old phone boxes properly 

And a good thing that I don't live anywhere near a WholeFoods or, as I've been told, WholePaycheck. No kidding... But loved it nevertheless!
And then there was the day that I was in such a bad grump, this happened: 
 Every once in a while he redeems himself that G!
I've also discovered the wisdom of Yogi (thanks Becster...)!

And re-kindled my love affair with massive lunch-salad-concoctions:

As well as grown to love quinoa porridge. Thanks Nicola for the tip!

What have you been up to?
One random pic on your phone from the last week. Go!
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