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Where the Mind Goes I hope the Body Will Follow

Posted Sep 08 2011 8:09am
So  here I am less than a couple of weeks before the big race. Life over the last couple of weeks has been the same as it has for the last two months. That being very little training and a lot of soreness in various parts of my body. You may have noticed that a lot of my blogs have turned into more of a general discussion about random thoughts or product reviews. While they are and will be a core piece of this site I have had little training wise to report on. So I thought I would share a little of what is happening concerning my training.
First let me start on a couple of positive notes. First, my wife recently started walking again after dealing with plantar fasciitis over the last year or so. She still has it but she wants to get out and walk before the winter sets in yet again. It hurts but she is working through the pain and trying to get some foundational miles in while the weather is still good. She has started to read Runner’s World to get motivated. She has put in more miles over the last week than I have in recent history besides races I have run in. So good job Sole Momma on the new start and the miles. The second is I am still mentally pretty focused and up for the race. I hear the clock ticking down to the race and know it will be very hard to finish. But I am upbeat about it and am trying to keep that positive energy going. I have gotten a lot of advice, comments and even have read a lot of motivational comments over the last week or so since coming in last place. All are supportive of me and have really helped to mentally stay the course an not wavier. In most cases it is the same, do that I think is right, do my best to simply finish the race.
On the flip side the physical aspect of the training and preparation is and has gone to hell in a hand basket. As hard as I try it seems that there is always something injury wise nagging me. So here on the eve of the race I still am dealing with a few ailments. Surprisingly the hamstring pull is back. It has been sore for the last week since the half marathon. I guess I have aggravated it in some manner during the race. It is once again sore and sensitive. I moved some stuff in the house down to the basement and mildly pulled my back again. I guess I wasn’t quite over that as well. Between these two that should not be enough to stop my training. But the other night I went upstairs to but my son back to bed after him getting up to go to the bathroom. Half asleep myself I tripped over the bathroom scale and fell back into the wall. I reached up and backwards to break the fall and pretty much pulled my bicep, rib cage and rolled my bad left ankle as well. My arm hurt when I returned to bed that night but nothing major hurt. The next morning I was sore all along my left side. My ankle is really sore and it felt funny yesterday just like it did when I first injured it many years ago. So for some reason all fo these little injuries are doing a number on me when I can least afford them.
I am still trying to do some training before the race. I have as I said a couple of weeks to do some running even at the lessened mileage. The days here are shorter in a sense with the sun coming up later now and any morning runs will be I nth  dark. The evenings are starting to get shorter where once again any run done at night will be after the kids are in bed. With darkness comes cooler temperatures to run in. Not bad at the moment but still we went from the 80 now to the 60s and 70s. The other morning it was 42 outside. The jackets and long sleeve running shirts are coming out along with lighter gloves. Before you know it I will be stuck in the house on the treadmill or on the running track at the YMCA. So here I am with the mind ready but the body not. I’m sure a lot of first timers are the same way not truly prepared for whatever race they have targeted. Many people have said that the mind is the biggest factor in making it through a race, especially after so many miles or hitting the wall. So as long as the body can get me to that point so the mind can take us the rest of the way I should be good. OK, I don’t totally believe all of what I just stated but do know that to a point the mind can and will override the physical desire to stop. I just need to ensure that I do not go out too strong, fuel the body properly and simply enjoy the journey that day. I think a lot of the tension is stressing out about splits, overall time and what others are doing. So it is about enjoying the days with my friends and doing whatever it takes to get across that finish line.

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