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When Should You Get New Running Shoes

Posted May 05 2010 7:51am

Yesterday, I bought a new pair of shoes. The pair I had been running in ( Asics Nimbus ) had finally had it, especially after they got soaked while I joggled the soggy Nashville Marathon .

Overall, my Asics were incredible lasting for over 750 miles. This is nearly double the mileage of average shoe I wear. At first I balked at the whopping $135 price tag but since they lasted so long, they became quite a bargain. In fact, I would still be wearing the Asics Nimbus shoes if it wasn’t for the smell and holes that started to form by my big toes.

If you are looking for a running shoe that feels good and lasts a long time, you might consider trying the Asics Nimbus. And if you get them through this link , you help support JYAJ. asics_nimbus

Of course, the I have no specific time when I change shoes. Mostly, it is based on a feeling which is usually pain in my knees. But here is a list of things that suggest it might be time for a new pair of shoes.

1. Time – If you are a regular runner, your shoes will last you

2. Pain – If you start to feel pain an unexpected pain in your knees, thighs or ankles, it might be time for a new pair of shoes.

3. Shoe traction wear – When you put on a ton of miles your shoes will start to wear down. Take a look at the bottom and make sure the traction is in tact. My shoes wear down unevenly and by looking at how much the traction has degraded I can tell when I need new shoes.

4. Miles
– You should keep track of your mileage and when you get 350 miles or over, you’ll want to consider getting a new pair.

5. Smell – If you do a few races in the rain and your shoes don’t dry out properly, they’ll start to smell…bad. You can try and wash them but I haven’t found any way to actually get the smell out of shoes. Even after they are clean, when they get wet again the microbes that have colonized the shoe threads will come out in full force. The only thing you can do is get rid of them.

The decision to change your shoes is mostly a personal one based on a number of factors but when it comes down to it, you should change shoes when you feel like you need to. For me, it’s when my legs tell me to. For others it might be mileage, or shoe conditions, or just changing for the sake of fashion. There isn’t really any “right” answer.

Oh yeah, this time I went with a $100 pair of Mizuno Wave runners.

How often do you change shoes? When do you know it’s time for a new pair? And do those barefoot shoes like the Vibram 5 fingers last longer than regular shoes? Leave a comment below.

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