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When is a Goal a Goal?

Posted Dec 03 2009 12:00am
The past month of so I've been trying to figure out a few things about me and my buddy - running. Miles are melting together. Scenery is starting to blend. Fresh blog ideas aren't flowing freely. So, I put my old consultant hat on (one that I should wear more often) to analyze the situation. I need to make sure that this training cycle doesn't see me in the dumps again come week 12.

When I worked for a large management consulting firm (quite) a few years back, one thing we always went through with a new client would be a goal congruence exercise - making sure that goals, strategies, and tactics were all clear, communicated, and focused. If we are going to get everyone pushing the same direction, tactical plans need to be formulated and clearly communicated. But the best laid tactical plans are worthless if they do not map into the strategies of the firm. Can you see Walmart selling Rolex watches? And finally, without clear goals, strategies are pretty worthless. That is why in it's current form, Walmart will never implement a high end high service strategy

As I analyzed my situation, the light bulb turned on pretty quickly. The tactical plan and the strategy are laid out for me. I look at it every day and put in the miles at the right paces. But the question is "Why?" Is the goal just to run a marathon? And why is that a "goal"? For a while it was on the bucket list. But that goal has been accomplished. What now? Yes folks, I've fallen into the trap that many do. Not just in running, but in life in general. I do what I'm told. And then can't figure out why it becomes drudgery. It sure is easy when someone else provides the plan.

Speaking of miles, I've put in a couple days of running since my last update:

Tuesday: 6.2 miles, average pace 9:35, avg heart rate 78% MHR
Wednesday: 3.1 miles, average pace 9:21, avg heart rate 78% MHR

Today it will be some track work. 4 X 800 intervals. VO2Max according to the plan.....
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