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When I say G. You say I: GI

Posted Apr 12 2011 9:55pm
So I have already talked about this issue before, but I wanted to dive a little deeper into the doo-doo (if ya know what I mean). I'm not going to sit here and talk to you about my bowel movements so don't worry.. that is what twitter is for. (@marathondiaries)

So I have this great place by my house called Granola's (haha so Seattle right?) they are packed full of products and the staff are pretty knowledgeable - so naturally since I am embarrassed so easily I decided I would ask this nice young man what he had for runners who suffered from GI problems?

Awkward long pause. (insert here)

He was confused. Let me start over, sometimes people (runners to be more precise) have the "runs" during or after running.  Oh god the play on words are killing me here.

Blank stare. I was not getting through to this guy.

DUDE! every time I run I feel like I'm going to crap myself. Get it? Good. Oh, now he suddenly gets it after everyone around me is clearly uncomfortable but me. Naturally. Besides that stupidity he recommends something that I should try call Probiotics. Am I late in the game here on this one guys? whatever at least I'm in the game.

Here is the kind I bought and am going to try out. For 30 Capsules which you are supposed to take twice a day on an empty stomach it cost me around $35-40 dollars.   These ones you don't have to refrigerate, but if they do not seem to be working I will switch to a different kind and see how that works.

What to look for: They say any this that is between 3-7 strains of Probiotics is generally a good choice, the one I picked up has 12.  But I think learned that mine was not refrigerated it was just down a general aisle; which according to some studies probiotics just like your lettuce need to be refrigerated. So I may need to think about this for next time.

What's the connection between GI and Runner's- you ask?

Alright I asked. And now I'm answering. 
  • During a study - out of 467,000 endurance runners in the US, 60% of them will develop stomach distress during or after a run.
  • It’s suspected that part of the reason endurance athletes experience GI issues during training is due to the blood being converted from the digestive system to the muscles during exercise. The diversion of the blood can cause cramping and make it hard for the body to absorb fluids, which potentially leads to dehydration.

  • considered a "healthy" or "good" bacteria and extremely beneficial, especially for distance runners
  • live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host." 
  • And their purpose is to line the intestinal walls of a healthy GI tract in abundant numbers, aiding in digestion and reducing the likelihood of other "bad" bacteria seeping through the walls into the blood stream." (World Health Organization) 
  • Alot of people believe that you can yogurt provides enough probiotics, however those cells are not able to survive the stomach acid.

  • Probiotics give endurance athletes an immune boost
  • A study in Australia also noted that in distance runners, upper respiratory tract infections were cut in half
  • boost metabolism
  • reduces common cold and infections
  • Most importantly help with GI problems: IBS, lactose intolerance, and digestive problems (  

For people that may need some animation to go along with this very scientific post I have put together because I am so smart this video is very educational and hilarious. I love their faces and I'm sure you will too!

Has anyone taken Probiotics? What is your opinion? Do they work?

There is alot of information out there about probiotics. I just broke the tip of the iceberg and again am not basis this on anything remotely resembling scientific facts, but just wanted to share my 2 pennies. I will keep you posted on the results.

Sending my happy thoughts over to Janae @hungryrunnergirl .
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