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When I grow up

Posted Sep 01 2011 3:46pm
I love the phrases "do what you love" or "I just feel so blessed to be doing what I love each and everyday"; I am going to call bullshit on those right now. 

I read a great article the other day, click here to read it for yourself. But I will summarize a few things from this article.
Career decisions are not decisions about "what do I love most?" Career decisions are about what kind of life do I want to set up for myself?
You tell yourself that a job has to be something you would do even if you weren't getting paid- that is just stupid

The reward for doing a job is contributing to something larger than you are, participating in society, and being valued in the form of money.

One of the highest risk times for depression is in your twenties, when you finally realize that your "dream job" is not going to be taste testing beers in Aruba (or maybe that is my dream job) and when you realize that you are never truly going to be simply doing what you love.

Do not what you love, Do what you ARE

I love this. But it is hard to really narrow down what exactly you are? How about this - do something that caters to your strenths. Do something in fact Do Anything.

She mentions one other thing that I want to finish with mainly because it is something that directly relates to my life and things that I have been struggling with. A job can become so stressful, to the point it consumes you (or me rather). A job is simply part of my life, NOT my life.

Relationships make your life great, not jobs. But a job can ruin your life – make you feel out of control in terms of your time or your ability to accomplish goals –  but no job will make your life complete
This is a bit of a different topic for my blog but I would love to hear your opinion? How did you find your job, do you "love" your job, looking for a new one?


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