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When Bad Things Happen To Good Mojos

Posted Jan 04 2012 9:51am

Yester-DAY was a great day.  Actually I was still riding the high from my great 18 miler on Sunday so I was feeling pretty good. My legs were tired like I had ran a marathon but my mojo was feeling good. I knew I had to do a workout after work of 6 mile with 2 mile run with 1 minute walk within that 6 miles.  I was ready.

Well……….I have a neighborhood nearby that is under a neighborhood association and I know that.  Everything that happens from hereon I completely take responsiblity for.  I parked in the guest parking area of this neighborhood and took off for my 6 mile run. I picked this neighborhood because it was hilly and where I live hills are sparse so I have to seek out hilly areas for a challenging run.  Well a mile into my run I hear a vehicle slowly approaching me from behind, thankfully it was still daylight so I didn’t feel as panicked. To be honest, I thought maybe it was somebody I knew stopping to say hi. Nope, it was neighborhood security.  Ugh.

“Uhhh, ma’am  is that your vehicle back in guest parking?”

Me, “Yes sir.”

Him “It’s not decaled.”

Me, “No sir I don’t live here. I was told it was okay for me to park in guest parking.”

Him “No ma’am  you have to be a residence here. You can run in the neighborhood, you just can’t park in the neighborhood.”

Me “Can I finish my run?”

Him “How long you going to be?”

Me “An hour”

Him “No ma’am . I’m going to need you to move it now.”

I politely said thank you and waved goodbye. So I ran back and drove home to finish my run in my semi flat neighborhood.  I know the security guy was doing his job and I respect the rules and privacy of the neighborhood. I completely get it.

BUT, it put a major kink in my mojo. For the rest of the evening I was grouchy and irritable. Not because of being asked to move my vehicle (which meant leaving) but because my perfectly thought out plan was ripped into a million pieces.  Once again, being the mental runner I am anything that goes against what I had planned on heavily sets my little world into orbit.  Oh the joys of being so OCD’ish.

I plan on running the same prescribed run again today. I have to. I feel like I went to bed without dinner so I’m starving for it.  I need to complete this run. I’ve been working so hard on increasing my running time while decreasing my walking time to miss out on that run is like missing a key long run.

In addition to all of the wonkiness (yes I’m sure that’s a word) in my evening I felt so deflated from everything that all the good eating skills I had going flew out the door. I had a lean hot pocket, a REAL coke and some shortbread cookies for dinner.  I’m the epitome of health! Can you tell I’m an emotional eater?!

Today is a new day and yesterday is done and gone. Time to move on pray fervently that today mellows out becomes more productive.


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