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What's your favorite running song?

Posted by Dave K.

I like Pride by U2, Somebody Told Me by The Killers, Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen, Clocks by Coldplay and (depending on my mood) anything by Eminem.
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Good question!. Anything that's kind of rock n' roll or electronic, for me. Personally, I love 80s new-wave songs. I don't really run, but I walk a lot with my mp3 player, and every time I hear "Bizarre Love Triangle," it makes me want to (willingly) break a sweat!
Upbeat and loud. Led Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, Mary Playground, Queen, Rage Against the Machine, and whatever else. As long as I have some music to sing along to and keep my mind off how little time has gone by, things are good.
Favourite Running Songs. I run about 3 - 5 km, three to four times a week and most of the time it's to tunes. I've loaded my Ipod Shuffle with some of my favourite motivational songs and listen to them only when I run. How can you not be motivated with words like ?find your passion and make it happen? from the song What a Feeling from the movie Flashdance, or ?I know that I can get through this, ?cus I know that I am strong,? from Believe by Cher. When I hear upbeat songs like You Can't Stop the Beat (from the musical Hairspray) or the inspirational Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive, the body just seems to find renewed energy and desire to keep pounding the road.
Adrenalin. When I hit a hard part of the run (like have a big hill to face) I LOVE listening to "So You Wanna Be a Rock Superstar". The song almost makes me angry, like, "yeah, I got what it takes, I'm gonna show you I can be a rock superstar." Makes me want to give all I have to that run
Celia. This song by Simon Garfunkle is my fave way to start a run. So peppy!
Footloose, definitely. Ever been in a restaurant and the song "Footloose" comes on the radio? Look around, no one can sit's a great song to move to!!! I love working out to it. Even when my workout is feeling blah, this song comes on my ipod, and my workout is pumped up a notch!
Faster Kill Pussycat. I have no clue what the title is supposed to mean, but Faster Kill Pussycat, by Oakenfold, is my absolute favorite running song. It's by Oakenfold. I also like exercising to music by Justin Timberlake (since many of his lyrics consist of him telling a girl how beautiful she is) and Fall Out Boy.
What a feeling. Let's face it...the ulitmate work out song of all time is What a feeling, the climactic song from flash dance. You will be guarenteed to increase you speed and distance if you make this song part of your running soundtrack.
Queen - Another One Bites The Dust. Don't laugh. It's just the lyrics. So many people in my life have told me that I couldn't lose weight/get fit. That song motivates me to keep going even when I've got no other support aside from myself.
Slow numbers for me. I know this sounds weird, and I will probably never say this again. But here goes - -I prefer deep, romantic numbers that take me back into the past. Because I am not thinking about the running, I find I go faster and do not feel tired after the exercise.
I've got my Shuffle loaded up with about 200 of my favorite upbeat songs, and any one of them keeps me going on a long run, so I don't really have one or two favorites in that aspect. However, I always listen to "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson as my very first song out on the trails -- not because it's my favorite song (although I do like it quite a bit), but because its tempo syncs perfectly with my warm up pace. My footfalls line up exactly with the beat! Never fails to get my mind aligned with my body, no matter my mood at the time.
"The Border" by America really gets me going, and "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel keeps me going.
I'm a huge fan of Cake's "Going the Distance."

I like BLACK AND GOLD by Sam Sparro, the Theme from the Bourne Ultimatum by Moby, and Fafafa by a little Spoon and Black Eyed Peas. But that's just this week.

Right now I love "Shut your eyes" by snow patrol. It is a beautiful song and very powerful.
I agree that Clocks by Coldplay is always a goodie to get you moving. Good trance music can keep me dancing or working out for hours!
Man on the Run - by Cowboy Mouth
My favorite running/exercise song at the moment is Shut your Eyes by snow patrol. I also like Groove is in the Heart by Dee Lite.
Almost anything from koRn! sometimes you gotta get mad!!
I recently found this new tune classical/rock tune that is absolutely motivating while running! Title is "Unstoppable" by E.S. Posthumus - check it out on iTunes.
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