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What's the deal??

Posted Aug 19 2009 5:25pm
As you very well know (since I talk about it all the time), I have made a running come back. During my hiatus, I gained a few pounds...ahem 20 ahem ahem. Of course I wasn't thrilled about the extra pounds, but I kept telling myself...

Hey, don't you worry, April, you're about to kick it up into hardcore training mode again and you'll bring sexy back where it belongs because all that weight is just gonna melt away.

Fast-forward to week 3 of marathon training...the weight is NOT melting away. I'm running, I'm cross-training and I'm lifting weights. I've always heard that once you reach a certain age, your metabolism slows way down and it becomes much harder to lose weight. I'll be turning the big three-oh in November and I fear I have reached that age. damnit damnit damnit! See, I've sorta been lucky...I think I have pretty high metabolism and although I do eat mostly healthy, I definitely splurge more than my fair share. Up until now, when I've gained weight, I was able to start losing it after about a week of amping up my work outs. I know that muscle weighs more than fat and all that, but I feel like I should be seeing the results by now.

Another thing about me...I am not a dieter. I don't like that word and I very rarely do any kind of fad or popular at-the-moment diets. I did do South Beach for a minute, but I said...I'm not a dieter. I have friends who are chronic dieters and it looks miserable. If I notice that my eating habits have been less than healthy, I will make a conscious effort to minimize my intake of sugars, fried foods and white carbs, but that's about it. But I mostly do that because eating a lot of junk makes me feel sick after a while. And as a side note...I do feel like my diet is pretty healthy. I eat tons of fruits, veggies, fish and whole grains, however I also love chocolate, pizza, and beer. I just don't like guidelines and restrictions. I've never done very well with people telling me what to do. (Yeah, ok, I have issues, but that's not what this post is about.)

Recently, when Amy told me that she was going to try and eat a little bit better so that she could loose a couple of pounds, I was SHOCKED. Why? Because she was running 70 MILE WEEKS!! It seems to me that a good and reasonable reward for running 70 miles a week would be the ability to eat whatever the hell you like and still look like a waif. So. Not. Fair. So, I guess I'll have to splurge much less than I'm used to if I'm gonna shed these pounds. I'm just not happy about it.

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