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What's Beautiful..not meeting my goal.

Posted Jun 19 2013 11:21am
This post is sponsored by Under Armour through Fitfluential

So last weekend was my goal race.  I wanted to run a 10k and get a shiny new PR.

I didn't do it.  Instead I did back to back hikes, first with my son and then with my whole family.  I have been struggling with a quad injury since in the beginning of May. I am barely running three miles, 6.2 miles at faster than a 7:10 (PR pace) was completely out of the question.

Sometimes what ends up being beautiful isn't what you don't do like rocking a PR , but what you do instead, how you react to the situation you are in. .

 I have been trying to be so patient while my quad heals.  Not easy since  it is hard to do anything that doesn't involve your quad to some extent and I am NOT good at sitting around doing nothing. Real bad at it actually.

I do feel like it is getting better in slow minuscule increments.  Now and then it seems to take a step back and I get discouraged.

Realistically I know no PRs will be waiting for me this year.  I intend to return slowly and deliberately to running and build up a steady base first and then return to speed work once I feel like I have a solid base again.   I am going to start working on running drills too.  I haven't done those since high school track!

Right now I am running no more than three miles with regular walk breaks during the run.  It is feeling better, but not 100%.

Since I can't really focus on running right now, I instead found some yoga DVDs, gone hiking, cycling and used my elliptical. 

This morning I finally got in a crack of dawn run.  They are my favorite this time of year.  Something is magical about being in the middle of a run when the sun starts coming up.

Pretty sure my little dog was happy I finally quit being so lazy and took him for an early morning run.  I think he loves them too.

So really I am still working toward a 10k PR, just for next year. Strangely the world did not come to a screeching halt just because I can't do races this summer. It also gave a lingering hip issue time to finally heal and gives me more time to spend with my kids.

ignore the whole fanny pack thing.  it isn't flattering
Do you do running drills? If you do which ones are your favorite?

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