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What running shirt should you wear?

Posted Nov 18 2011 4:44am

I have a wide range of running shirts, so picking the right shirt for the specific situation can sometimes be a challenge.  Here are a few suggestions on what you should wear.

If I’m running in the day time, pretty much any color will do.  Mostly, I wear whatever is closest to my reach in my closet or what reflects my mood.  Joggling is typically a happy event so yellow are nice.  I’ve got some black and dark blue shirts that are pretty cool and on a grey winter day, it feels good to blend into the background.

While running at night, you should wear a bright colored shirt like a white, orange, or neon yellow.  Better to be safe than sorry when joggling in the dark.

For a race, you want to wear something that is going to stand out but also isn’t going to clash with your joggling bean bags.  I like to wear a nice red shirt.   Red is the color of winners & I need all the help on can get on race day.

The sleeve length will mostly depend on the temperature.  If it’s warm, go with short sleeves.  If it’s cold, long sleeves work.  However, if it is cold at the start you might want to wear a short sleeve shirt anyway.  As you run you will warm up and you’ll want to have a short sleeve on.

If it is particularly sunny out, I like to wear a long sleeve shirt to protect my arms from sunburns.  Wearing a long sleeve shirt is not really that much warmer (especially if it is a running shirt) so this makes it a good option on bright, sunny days.

That brings us to the final consideration, shirt material.  Some running snobs will say that you will only want to wear technical t-shirts made of lycra, polyester, or some kind of synthetic blend.  These are excellent shirts and can really reduce the amount of sweat that builds up.  When cotton shirts get wet they tend to stay that way.  However, I’m not anti-cotton.  Sometimes I just like the feel of a heavy cotton shirt on my skin.  If I’m running 3 miles or less, I have no problems picking a cotton shirt and in fact, sometimes I prefer it.  Of course, for longer runs, I do go with the running synthetic fiber shirts.  They just don’t get as heavy.

So, what factors do you use when picking a running shirt?  Leave a comment below.

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