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What Pro-Athletes Eat (A Video From Gabby Reece) + How I Found My Way Back To Healthy Eating

Posted Aug 02 2008 9:11pm 2 Comments

After posting the recipe for Greek salad, I came across a useful video on healthy eating from Gabrielle Reece, the famous American professional volleyball player, sports announcer, & fashion model:

What Pro-Athletes Eat

I liked her food preparation/serving suggestions & also what she had to say about not being neurotic & making healthy eating a conscious choice. My thoughts exactly!

As many of the regular readers of this blog surely know, I've already written several posts on nutrition which deal with this exact same topic: I believe that it's not just important to have balance in one's eating, but also in one's approach to eating as well. Maintaining a healthy attitude towards food is a topic I devote a lot of time to discussing, especially because I wish to actively counter so many of the unhealthy attitudes & approaches I see around me.

Nothing gets me going like people in denial, whether it be about their eating, weight, or exercise habits. And even worse are the severely misinformed ones who think that low-cal or low-carb diets are the path to eating nirvana. With eating, as in life, there's got to be a balance of food groups. While I don't believe in eating tons of carbs with a high glycemic index (frankly, eating too much of that stuff makes me feel woosy! I'd rather get my carbs from veggies, legumes, whole grains, & other fibrous sources), I do believe that it's not natural or healthy for a person to completely eliminate carbs altogether from their nutritional plan.

Likewise, if there are any of you following diets that only allow you to eat grapefruits & eggs all day, you should seriously get your head examined! ;-) Anyone who thinks that a diet of any sort is going to set them on the course to healthy eating nirvana issorelymisguided. Diets are stupid, & the people who follow them are fools. And I've got no patience for that kind of idiocy. ;-)

And please don't get me started on the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet. We won't evengo there. ;-)

And before anyone pounces on me for initially using the "Abs Diet" as a general framework for getting back to healthy eating (without really knowing anything about it!), let me just say that the "Abs Diet"isn't actually a diet at all. So there! ;-)

It's not about fad diets or new-fangled trends. It's about balance & health, & back-to-basics habits that just make a whole lot of common sense. While I now do my own thing, the book definitely gave me the boost I needed at the outset, & was very useful in helping me to regain perspective on my eating habits (yes, I had a few "reality check" moments!), & also provided very useful guidelines with respect to portion control & balanced eating.

I highly recommend the "Abs Diet" books (i.e., see the left side bar for more details), because they are an excellent framework from which to re-vamp one's eating habits & overall nutritional plan. You don't even have to follow the plan to a tee, or do any of the workouts; I found that just the basic information on essential healthy foods & medical health data was worth the price of the book alone.

I also highly recommend any of the Canyon Ranch cookbooks &recipe website(i.e., you'll first need to create a login in order to access the site), & of course, the Canyon Ranch facilities themselves. I found my time there extremely useful & learned a lot, not only about health-related topics, but also about myself & others as well.

I'm happy to say that I've currently taken the healthy eating concept to the next level, having generated several new ideas & strategies of my own on this very topic. But I'm not talking about re-inventing the wheel; rather, the ideas center around basic, common-sense principles & extrapolate from there. In this blog, I not only discuss my core philosophy on nutrition, healthy foods, & eating habits, but also delve into the psychological aspects of body image & eating. And understanding & implementing both aspects are really important if you want to be a healthy, balanced individual.

This is not fly-by-night stuff: When I do discuss nutrition & exercise physiology, I believe in backing up my ideas with hard, scientific evidence; you won't find me pontificating on these topics without adequately referencing my sources; I obtain my information from solid, current medical & scientific research.

To my credit, I now do my own thing, after having found my own way thanks to the above two resources, related experiences, & other references. But alas, I cannot claim the credit all for myself: There were several influential, inspirational, & well-informed people -- both at Canyon Ranch & elsewhere -- who deserve some of the credit as well. Many of these people have been many generous & helpful individuals whom I've encountered in my own personal life. Some of these people I've known face-to-face, & others I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting. And if you're wondering exactly whom I'm talking about: Many of those people have already been mentioned numerous times in this blog! ;-)

OK, that's a wrap. Have a good night!


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NCAA VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT:  MSU won against UCLA.  MSU lost to U of M and U of M is playing in the semi's of the NCAA volleyball tournament at 7:00 p.m. EST on ESPN2 against Texas on Thursday.  I watched the regional finals and they have a really good chance of winning.

I will be with my daughter at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday so I am watching the PSU vs. Oregon game at 9:30 p.m.  Penn State should win.  I was at hockey practice with my son tonight.  

Misty May and Kerri Walsh visited an ice rink in Michigan before the last Olympics.  I found out they were there in my everyday happenings.  I don't mind sharing my knowledge with them.  
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