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What is your strangest injury?

Posted Nov 24 2010 9:02am

This article about weird sports injuries made me laugh. There are some really funny injuries that seem to be pretty minimal but led to long stints on the disabled list. Some of my favorites…

1. Sammy Sosa sitting out for a month after a violent sneeze.
2. Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya missed 3 games from a Guitar Hero injury
3. Broncos quarterback Brian Griese missed a game after tripping over his dog
4. Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Glenallen Hill hurt himself after waking up from a nightmare about spiders
5. Ricky Henderson missed three baseball games after getting frostbite from falling asleep on an icepack.

I keep thinking about my own injuries. There just haven’t been that many. Certainly nothing that has prevented me from keeping the joggling streak going. Let’s see, here are my “funny” injuries (some of these were when I was a kid).

1. I got a pinched nerve in my neck after sitting on the couch too long.
2. I injured my back while making a left turn in the car.
3. I took a chainsaw to the face and cut my nose.
4. I fell off a tank, smashed my head on the side, and got a golf ball sized bump
5. I flipped a bike when my dog ran in front of me & knocked out my front teeth.

What kind of strange injuries have you had?

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