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What is the treatment for shooting and burning pain in thigh and calf?

Posted by farzana

I have an unbearable pain (shooting/pinching, burning pain) in my right leg from thigh to toes. It has been continuing for about a month. I am taking painkiller (Hydrocod and muscle relaxant) for every 6 hours but the pain is not improving. Please inform me what should I do. Thank you.
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you probably pulled a ligament, i have done that and it will hurt forever. the only way to "treat" it is to stay off of it, just resting, but maybe you didnt pull it, if it hurts that bad you probably tore something and that take much more time to heal. there is no medical treatment just a little r&r.
Sorry to hear that, I have the same thing, it is terrible the pain is uberable. I went to the ER they performed Xray and MRI and I was diagnosed with herniated disc, L4-L5 and S1. I took so many painkillers and muscle relaxant, but did not help, taking hot bath did help little. Try physical therapy, walk. There is nothing else you can do, stay away from painkillers, they are very adictive, take advil instead. It will go away with time, mine did. Good luck and let me know how you are felling. 
Check out the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue. When I was a college cross-country runner with chronic pain that nothing and no-one could help, what he wrote in the book was the first thing that made common sense and actually took the pain away long term. I was so impressed I flew to San Diego, got trained and have spent the last 9 years of my life dedicated to helping others. Check out the book, I think you will be very happy you did. Matt
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