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what is the run time for 37 year old women to compete in 10K

Posted by Palli

In how much time should a 37 years old women take to complete 10K road race and win the race in her age group
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Hi Palli,

You've asked an important question, but, unfortunately, it is a question that only you can answer. We're all different, and the time and training needed to take 1st in our age group will be different for each person.

I don't know how fast and how far you are currently running, buty here are some suggestions that you might consider.

Run at least 6 miles (8 or 9 miles would be better) each week as your long run for enough weeks so your body gets comfortable with that distance. I'm not talking about just being able to complete the distance. I'm talking about being comfortable with the distance, such that you finish your long runs as if they were an evening stroll. This phase of your training will help you develop the endurance that you'll need to run 10K at a very fast pace.

After you feel comfortable with that distance, start doing speed training once a week to increase your pace. I won't go into detail about speed work, but here is the link to my page on speed that gives more details.

I would expect that the person taking 1st in your age group will finish in 40-42 minutes, and from their times, you can understand how much improvement you'll have to make.


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