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what is the best way to alleviate shin splints?

Posted by Kristina M.

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Orthotics. I used to get shin splints all the time. Short term, rest and ice seems to work well to alleviate it, but what worked best for me was getting custom orthotics for my shoes. Apparently, the way your foot hits the ground can impact your legs in funny ways, and if you get the right orthotics to help stop your foot from turning in (pronating) or out (supponating), it can help to avoid all sorts of problems in your lower legs and knees, including shin splints.
That's an easy one!!. The best way to alleviate the problem on a permanent basis is to have your feet examined by a foot specialist to determine the type of foot structure you exhibit and thus find the cause of the problem. Generally, an orthotic, usually a prescription type of device will be indicated, but certain individuals may also experience relief with an over the counter type device. In addition to an orthotic, the athletic individual should also examine his athletic shoes as there are various types of shoes on the market, many of which may help correct the abnormality in the foot structure and thus relieve the symptoms. Especially if you're flat footed!!

In addition to having your feet examined, strengthen your shins by doing exercises. I do the "furniture lift". I put my toe under a heavy chair or sofa, or a kitchen cabinet, and try to live the object off the ground. The purpose isn't to actually lift the object but to provide resistance.

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