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What is Oil Filter?

Posted Jan 12 2013 12:51pm
An Oil Filter (O.F.) is a filter, which is specifically designed to eliminate contaminants from the engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil as well as lubricating oil. Gradually, the oil in all vehicles starts to accumulate debris, dirt and other unwanted things. If such things come in contact to with the engine, then they can hamper its working as well as severely damage it by causing wear and tear. They are made to work in internal combustion engines for both on and off road vehicles like air vehicles, motor vehicles and water vehicles. There applicability is also found in gas turbine engines that are fixed in powerful vehicles like jet aircraft.

Motor oil is pumped from the pump to the valvetrain, crankshaft, and other parts of the vehicle. But before reaching these parts it first passes from the O.F. that eradicates all the impurities present in it. The oil filter does the job of collecting impurities till it reaches its saturation point, i.e. it becomes clogged. Once clogged, there is no other option to renew it but only replace it. When the Oil Filter becomes clogged then it stops the passage of oil. This condition should be dreaded as it can lead to the absence of lubrication of the engine and an unlubricated engine is prone to intense damage that can affect the efficiency of your engine. It is because of this issue that manufacturers of oil filter integrate a bypass valve with it. Whenever a certain amount of pressure (set to a standard pressure value by the manufacturer) builds up upon the valve, a bypass valve does the function of giving an additional passage path to the oil. But the oil that passes through this valve is unfiltered and so theirt, debris and other impurities present in the oil also enter the engine. One can't determine if the filter have clogged or not, as the clogs aren't visible to the naked eye. It is advised to refer the manual to know the lasting time of the filter.

While choosing the perfect Oil Filter, you need to keep track of a few things like its thread size, filtering capacity and some other factors too. A few other aspects that you need to check while buying it are the hole size. There are various sorts of oil filter available in the market. Thus, you can get the apt filter for your vehicle.
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