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What I’ll be Doing in 2012 (If the World Doesn’t End)

Posted Dec 30 2011 9:11am

Like Lee , I thought it would be best to get my goals out a little bit early.  We blogger types sure love our goals posts! As long as the 2012 end of the world predictions don’t come true, this is what you’ll find me doing (seriously, try to Google image search “2012″. It’s all doom and gloom!).

I may be a few days early to the New Year's party.. but I brought cupcakes!

2012 Goals:


  • Sub-30 5K – Sarah has graciously volunteered to pace me to this goal.  I’d like to shatter this as opposed to just hitting 29:59. Then I never have to worry about another 5K.
  • Sub-2:30 Half Marathon – I’d actually like to far exceed this goal but supposing I have several not-so-great races, I’d settle for knocking 4:49 off my PR.
  • Run less races “just for fun”. Running should always be fun, but running 7 5k’s in a year may have been a bit much (and a bit expensive). I’m shooting for 1 spring and 1 fall 5K. I can hear the owners of Pacers weeping over their lost profits).
  • Pay better attention to race reviews . Don’t waste money on races that are known to be terrible (of course I’ve already broken this rule by signing up for the Rock n Roll USA , a race previously known as the National Half which had a reputation for being more than a little disorganized. But I did that in 2011, so it doesn’t count, right?).

Other fitness:

  • Keep taking yoga at least once a week.  If I get tired of my current class, I’ll find another. Or try pilates.
  • Complete intermediate swim lessons and keep swimming twice a week(ish).
  • Really work on strengthening my muscles. I really never exercised consistently before 2010.  My muscles have a lot of catching up to do.


  • Complete first sprint triathlon in May (I should probably get around to buying a bike sometime soon).
  • Note to self: If you don’t enjoy the first triathlon immediately sign up for another (seriously, imagine if you let RnR VA Beach remain your only half experience). If you really enjoy the first triathlon, immediately sign up for another.


  • Continue to work to make CarlyBananas more fun for viewers and for me.
  • Think about getting a better camera. Seriously, only think about it this year.
  • MacBook. January 2012. That’s pretty much all I need to say about that (this is actually because my home computer is 88% dead right now. I can’t do much with it and I’m really sick of buying new PC’s every 18 months).

What goals have you made for yourself in 2012?


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