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What do YOU think Wednesdays: Bike race or running race?

Posted Mar 31 2010 8:06am
Guess who's gonna go hang out with star fish and octopuses and shark embryos today?
That would be yours truly here, and I am soooo excited! All this as a part of work, too. Shu-weet! :)

So here's something I would love to hear your guys' opinions about....
To bike, or to run: that is the question

See, there is a really awesome bike ride and a running race on the same day. I can't decide which one to sign up for!
Here's the scoop
Bicycle Ride: Gold Coast Ride for Literacy

  • My first bike "race"!
  • Flat and easy 30 miles
  • For a good cause
  • Chance to meet other cyclists
  • Support crew and aid stations
  • Traveling needed (about 40 minutes)
  • Will be by myself (James doesn't have a bike)
  • Will end up costing me more than the running race (but less than $30 more)
  • If I can't make a friend to ride with, I might get lonely (but its only 30 miles)
Onto the running race

Santa Barbara Chardonnay 10 Miler (website currently down for some odd reason)
Here's a video from 2009

  • Route is pretty
  • Only ten miles!
  • Run with James
  • No traveling required
  • WINE TASTING post race
  • Cheaper than bike ride
  • A new race distance
  • Route surface not the best for running
  • same old, same old
So.... hmm... they both sound equally good to me. What would you choose? Please help me decide :) Thanks muchos muchos!

In terms of running, I am still taking a break. I am starting to feel and recognize muscular imbalances in my legs/hips that may be the culprit to my pain. Hopefully I can go see a PT or something, if not, work on stretching and strengthening my hips.

Have a splendid Humpday! Can you believe tomorrow is already April? 2010 is flying by. oh my.
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