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What are the reasons the bottom of a foot may get swollen?

Posted by Abigail

For the past couple of days the bottom left front side of my right foot has been bothering me.  This morning I realized it's swollen.  There is no redness or coloring to it.  It does not hurt but it buthers me when I walk.  It feels as if it has liquid in it.  It is only the left front side of the bottom of my right foot directly on the muscles that are beneth the toes.
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Your shoes may need replacing. Most runners replace their shoes after 400-500 miles. When you're not running, avoid wearing high heals (they put more pressure on your toes). Try Metatarsal pads in your shoes. Be sure your shoes are wide enough and don't squeeze your feet. Go to a podiatrist to have your feet and shoes checked.
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