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What are the healthiest and most effective energy gels and power bars?

Posted by Paula G.

I am training to run a half marathon and would like advice on the healthiest way to stay energized as well as only putting healthy products into my body.  What advice do you have on drinks, gels and power bars?  Thanks-Paula
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The most important thing is to drink water and eat nutritious meals and get sufficient sleep. Look for drinks, bars, and gels that have less sugar. Stay away from the ones with caffeine. Experiment with them to see which ones work for you. Experiment with foods to see which ones can be eaten an hour or so before you run. Drink water before you run as well as during the run to replace liquid lost from sweat.

Concerning the half-marathon,  if possible, work up to a distance of 15 miles such that you feel comfortable with that distance. Then, 13.1 miles will be no challenge. For your first half, forget about speed -- just enjoy the run. If you're doing 15 miles for your long runs, then just run the half as a training run to set a Personal Best. Then in subsequent halfs, you can improve on your PB.

Thanks for your advice-I ran the half marathon last week and enjoyed the run-felt fine afterwards-I ate a healthy breakfast, drank a lot of water and I took two gels along the route-I guess it all worked!!!Thanks again!
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