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What’s wrong with your face?!

Posted Jan 04 2013 3:36am

I had some pretty big plans for today’s post. Totally kidding. I’m exhausted… it’s been a long (short) week with my internship and fitting all of my miles into 5 days of running. Easier said than done, especially when one of those days is only a 4-miler.

I  want to tell you a little story about my run yesterday morning. You may have seen my statuses on facebook, twitter, DM, or wherever else you’re creeping around in my life. Anyways, after getting home from the movies close to 1am (I saw Parental Guidance with two of my best friends from high school. GO SEE IT NOW), I set my alarm for a bright and early 6:45am. Now I know this probably doesn’t seem early to any of you, but for me who has been waking up at 8 or 8:30 for the past few weeks, it was rough.

When my alarm went off, I knew it was going to be cold. Like, really cold, even for NH standards. The high for the day was originally supposed to be 19* F. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this run but I knew I needed to get at least 8 miles in so I could go to Boston for the weekend to see my friend tomorrow. I dressed warmly and my mom repeatedly told me it was cold and I shouldn’t go. I was up, obviously I was going out, and honestly, what difference would it make if it was 6* instead of 15* like the day before? Well, it was actually NEGATIVE FOUR degrees. I went out anyways, though, and while my legs were pretty much numb the entire time, the rest of my body was pretty warm and I was actually sweating.


When I rounded the corner to pass my house before finishing up the shorter loop (about 2.7 miles), I saw my parents coming back from their walk. They took one look at me and my mom almost screamed. Apparently, the sweat on my face had frozen and I literally had ICE CRYSTALS forming all over my cheeks and chin. At first they were going to let me go provided that I took my mom’s neckwarmer, but then they decided I needed to go inside to avoid frostbite. They still had another mile left in their walk but because they were making me cut out early, they did too and agreed that we’d all finish our workouts in the afternoon after work. And I did, too. It was still cold but I didn’t grow any more crystals on my face, thankfully. What an eventful run. At least today’s 9 miles will be done later (around 9am) and it’s going to be much warmer.

But back to the point of today’s post. Search Engines . Now, since I’m not self-hosted I don’t have any fancy search engine optimization programs or anything, but wordpress does tell me when people search for me. Here’s a couple of my favorites I’ve gotten.


“i’m so craving some cheesy mac” …okay this one makes sense since I talk about mac and cheese on the reg

“fingers in face stim” …uhhh what? I use stim a lot but I don’t even understand this one

“how much to taper 2 weeks out from 6k” …I’m certainly not an expert on training. I just do what my coach tells me to

“picky boat” …I guess this one makes sense. There were a few variations of this one, actually. I’ve never heard of a picky boat before though.

“buddy the elf plans” …well I ammmmm obsessed with buddy the elf…

“winter break teen bucket list” …apparently I’m still considered a teen?

“tapering off opiods how much to not feel bad” …considering I don’t even know what opiods are, I’m baffled.

“hollie blackall” …assuming this one is connected to Hollie ?

“they don’t understand the exercise” …this one is probably connected to when I talked about my parents

“hangrypants” …bahahah my favorite term. This was searched a few times

“baking with mom” …no surprise here since my mom and I are baking fiends when I’m home.

“intense training as punishment” …I didn’t think I promoted intense training as punishment but apparently I do?

“Stop waiting for something” …three times yesterday. Man, that’s good advice. Maybe I should follow it.

So for those of you who have found your way to my blog by typing in some of these obscure things, thanks for keeping me laughing! I really do enjoy reading some of the search terms, it’s my own personal form of entertainment.

What’s the craziest search engine term you’ve ever gotten?

Do you ever brave the cold or do you run on the treadmill?

I’ve learned my lesson. Next time I’ll be on the dreadmill, like it or not

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