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Well, this is frustrating

Posted Apr 08 2013 12:53am

So first of all, let me start out by saying this is probably not the most marvelous post you’ve ever read. There’s a lot going on that’s kind of crazy. To start, my computer is currently being taken apart by the “geniuses” at apple (I’ll believe it when I see it), so all of my blogging/schoolwork/facebooking has to be done from either my phone or the school computers. Seeing as they won’t give me an answer as to when I’m going to get it back, although they said they’re waiting for a part to come in that was ordered Saturday, blog commenting will not be a priority, although I will do some because I read blogs during my downtime.

Moving on. Race recap. Since some people are interested in some quality #runchat according to Saturday’s polls, I’m going to share with you my first 5K of outdoor. It wasn’t pretty, let’s start with that.

First of all, I’ll talk about it on Wednesday but my eating habits have changed drastically this week for the better. I can honestly say that for the first time in months, I’m eating at normal times and I’ve been able to front load the calories I need with minor anxiety about it. This leaves me less hungry at night and it’s seriously left me with such high spirits. So I went into the race on Saturday feeling pretty freaking awesome.


you mean you don’t pack 4 pairs of socks (2 compression) for races?

We slept in (until 6:57!), I packed myself a bagel with butter and stopped at the gas station for hot chocolate on my way to school at 7:30.



The meet was at York College which was only about 45 minutes away so I did some homework for my research communications class on the bus. When we got there, it was frigid. I’m talking about 35 degrees and I made the wise decision that flip flops were more important than uggs and shorts more important than a sweatshirt. Way to go me. Luckily, I had my blanket and spent quite a few hours hidden under the blanket fort I made for myself. I wish the picture I took had come out. It was pretty priceless. I snacked my way through the morning until around 11:30.

907615_4805428416709_851793161_n 909183_4805429976748_1974332521_n


I did a 1.5 mile warmup with the girls on my team running the 1500 (after feeling some nostalgia over the pool I swam my first 26 in the 50 free in) and then went back to my blanket cocoon where my coach had given me splits for my race. They were extremely unrealistic and I knew this going in.


he had me shooting for a 19:45, my PR from 2 years ago

he had me shooting for a 19:45, my PR from 2 years ago

Fast forward to about 1:30 when I checked into my race and went for another 15 minute run with a girl on my team I was running the 5 with. We were told that the race started at 3 and it was on time. Well, by the time we had warmed up, stretched, etc. it was 2:45 and we were ready to go. The meet wasn’t and our race didn’t start until almost 3:45. I had not only lost all benefits of my warmups by that point but I had also expended a lot of energy dancing around trying not to freak out.

I did get to race in compression socks…



The race itself was interesting. There were only 8 girls in it and I had a real shot at 2nd place. The problem was, I was feeling dehydrated before the race began because I hadn’t had enough water that morning due to the cold weather, and therefore the dizziness hit me about halfway through. Up until then, I was right on pace and not feeling uncomfortable. I was enjoying the feeling of leading the pack and racing the other girls. My teammate who i had been working really well with for a lot of the race passed me around the halfway point (she’s a freshman making her distance debut and she ROCKED it) and my splits went from a consistent 94-98 to a 1:48-1:52 at their worst. It was a drastic increase and had nothing to do with my legs feeling tired. They were a normal level of discomfort for a race. I actually loved running in compression socks and will most likely do it again at conferences. I ended up finishing in 21:25ish (I don’t even know what it was exactly) and promptly went to my warm up clothes and laid down, the last thing you’re supposed to do after you finish a race. A few of my amazing teammates came to help me walk back to the tent and get me gatorade so I could replenish some electrolytes but I hate gatorade so I only had a few sips.

Once I was feeling up to it, I got another 2 miles warmdown in, and then we went to dinner which helped a lot but I was still feeling kind of off.

or I should say dinner #1...

or I should say dinner #1…

I chugged water all night long and I could not get hydrated enough. My coach wasn’t upset at all about the race. He could see how strong I was feeling for half of it and there were just a lot of factors that kept me from my goal, yet again. For me, personally, I was definitely disappointed but there’s only so much you can do about those types of things. I said it last week: I don’t love racing. I do it because it’s part of being on the team. I will get through it and once I start doing better in my races I will learn to tolerate it, if not enjoy it. It’s frustrating seeing my times get slower when I’m doing everything right during the week but it also isn’t worth beating myself up over it as a wise person once told me (you know who you are… ;) )

So that’s what I’m doing. Living with it. I learned that I need to eat more during the day if I’m not racing until 4 and I need to be better about drinking water despite the cold weather.

The marvelous part about the whole experience is that I am not racing next weekend and the following weekend I won’t be racing anything longer than a 1500 I don’t think, so plenty of time to recover for conferences where my coach and I have a lot of decision making to do.

Have you ever had a streak of bad races?

How do you get yourself out of the racing funk?

What was marvelous about your weekends?

I’m way behind on blogging! I did a bit of a “read all”… sorry not sorry :)

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