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Posted Oct 06 2012 1:39pm

I haven’t died. I’ve just been off the radar because I haven’t had anything good to say since my last post like over a month ago. Up until about 2 weeks ago, my idiot body (more specifically, my amazing digestive system – THANKS A LOT, APPENDIX) was still feeling weird.  Like not terrible, but just not right.  For example, no matter what I ate, healthy, not healthy, organic, non organic or how much water I was drinking, my stomach would bloat to the size of a pregnant woman.  It looked pretty sweet, but did not feel sweet.. at all. That was one of the deciding factors when I said I was done with training for the Marathon.

Another factor was my performance at the Chicago Half Marathon.

Seriously, the was the fastest I was able to run. WTF.

The whole race felt like a freaking chore.  I was angry as I was running because I was never emotionally invested in the race.  It was such an amazing Chicago morning, I should have been running with a smile, but I was 100% running with a scowl.  I did get a medal, so that was at least cool.

This might be one of my fav medals.

I pretty much decided after that race that I needed a break, mentally, from training.  I realize I could have ran through it or been tougher… but I’m a baby. If you’ve read any posts relating to when I had pneumonia or when I had my appendix removed, you know I have no tolerance for things that don’t make me feel good… even if the race was a mere 4 weeks away.

So, ran the half on 9/9 and the next run on the sched was the 20 miler on 9/16.  I decided on 9/15 that I wasn’t going to run.  Like,  stomach stuff aside, my rest of my body was feeling fine… like no weird knee or hip or IT issues, but mentally I was CHECKED OUT. I even woke up at 5am on the morning of the 20 miler (probably bc menace cat was bothering me) and thought about just getting up and joining CARA for the Ready to Run 20 Miler, but I didn’t.  I fell back asleep until like 10.  Then I woke up, laced up and went out for 14 miles on my own.  I walked prob 2-3 miles of that run (not at once, but throughout) and I felt great.  Plus, it was an amazing day in the Windy City.

I love this city :)

This was the run I needed.  I ran on my own terms, just because I wanted to.  I still had no plans of running the marathon.  I did, however, keep up with my workouts during this time.  I was running like once a week (ha!) and spinning and cardio-ing the rest of the days. You know, back to my old gym rat ways.

Fast forward 2 weeks to this past Tuesday, 10/2. I’m feeling good. Stomach is not being stupid. Weather is great. I went for a run.

The Eagle. America’s mascot.

Aside: how long has that eagle statue been at the Diversy Harbor?! Anyway, I was out for that run and I felt good and I remembered why I loved running.

Then I decided that I shall attempt to run the marathon. I mean, I paid for it, might as well run as much of it as I can?

Plus, I found my name on the Nike wall. I would feel like a fraud if I didn’t at least TRY to run.

So I know tomorrow is going to be HARD. Like… really hard. I may not even finish. I may not even make it half way. I realize this and am 100% ok with it.  I have absolutely no time goal.  Seriously.  If this bitch takes me 5:30 – 6hours, I will still be happy to finish (other than I’m sure my body will be dead meat and running for 6 hours sounds like hell on earth). I am going to run slow. I am going to take frequent walk breaks.  I’m going to enjoy every minute without worrying if I’m keeping my desired pace.

So. That is that. I said I wasn’t going to run. Then my body and mind decided they were feeling better.  Then I got caught up in the marathon mania that is spreading like wildfire through out the city. Then I said I was going to run. Then I picked up my bib at the expo.  Then I bought a sweet new top from Lulu. So now I have to run.

Oh and if you’re feeling sweet:  I’m 75 bones short of my fundraising goal for the race. Feel free to throw some change into the hat.  The puppies and kittens thank you!  Here is the link:  THE LINK .

And now I am signing off to go get a manicure… because I have never run a marathon without a fresh mani. It’s good luck, you know!

Oh and lastly: here is a Baby E pic.  It’s been awhile, so I’m sure you all missed the lil dude.

Taking a break from playing at the apple orchard. BABY MODEL. (taken last weekend at the Apple Holler in WI! )

I shall report back re: my race performance next week… unless, of course, I die out there. :)

Good luck to everyone running this weekend (both Chicago Marathon AND the Twin Cities Marathon!)


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