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Welcome to Flu Season

Posted Oct 05 2012 8:52am
Annnnd I'm sick. Boo!

This awful cold/ flu (I can't decide which it is.. I'm thinking flu?) has been going around my office and I made the mistake of yammering in about how I never get sick. So I obviously got sick with it 5 minutes later.

This one is no fun! Super congested, sore throat (it hurts to swallow!), swollen glands, headache, general tiredness and overall stuffy, drippy rottennss. Dr. Me and Dr. Google consulted on my symptoms and diagnosed me with an upper respiratory infection (<-- Google is clearly an expert on these matters).

Google also recommended that Ryan wait on me hand and foot and Daisy-Pants cuddle with me all day and occasionally fetch me Skor bars, Neo Citron and Lululemon gift cards but no one took the referral seriously.

No dice. Dog just wants to chew up Eeyore.

On a happier note, my favourite morning coffee stop Tim Hortons totally made my day today- check out the sweet message on my coffee this morning!!

My love for Tims is reaching epic proportions!

Apparently getting sick after a marathon or an endurance event is a pretty common thing. In fact, a person is SIX TIMES more likely to get sick after running a marathon (especially sinus and upper respiratory tract infections). That's crazy!
According to the reason people are more likely to get sick after a marathon is that after 90 minutes of exercise, your body uses up it's natural energy supply of glucose and triggers the release of the stress molecule cortisol. Higher cortisol levels weaken the immune system, which makes the body more vulnerable to infection and disease.

^Me post-marathon. Yup, I'd agree with the all energy gone thing!!
Apparently, runners who complete their marathons in extreme weather conditions are at an even higher risk of infection. That said, your cortisol levels should return to normal within about 3 days of the race (so maybe I can't blame my sick state on the marathon haha). Sleeping lots, hydrating and eating the right foods will help get your body back to normal faster post-race!

If you do happen to get sick, a good rule of thumb is NOT to run if you have a fever. According to Marathon ( article here ), you should not resume hard running until there is no residual respiratory tract congestion.

Guess that means I can't run again for at least another day or so!!

Finally, a few shout-outs!!

- To my hunny: BEST OF LUCK at the Chicago marathon this weekend! Tear it up!! Ryan is hoping to break 3:15 in the marathon and I know he can do it :) Leave him some comment love, he reads them :-D

- Good luck shout outs also going to my friends Allan and Andreas - Allan has been training through a hamstring injury but even with less than optimal mileage and lots of pain, he's still going to run crazy fast. And I KNOW Andreas is going to break 3:00 :)

- Good luck to Newbie Marathoner - she's running her FIRST MARATHON at Chicago this weekend!! She's raised about $6,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities but could always use another donation to a great cause or she'd LOVE some good luck comments!!

- Good luck Bess at Bess Be Fit at the Chicago Marathon!!

Makes me wish I was going too, I'd love to be running with you/ cheering you all on!!

Is anyone else racing this weekend? Let me know and I'll give you a shout out!!

Have you ever met other bloggers at a race?

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