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Welcome to Beantown!

Posted Jan 02 2013 3:47am

We made it to another year! I’m officially settling back down to my normal home life again (aka running, eating, internship-ing, sleeping, and blogging) after an eventful couple of days that I’m going to recap for all of you!

After yesterday’s post on my new resolution to # enjoylife (new hashtag? who’s joining me?), I read all of your comments and I really did take them to heart. I started the new year out doing two of the things I love most. Running and zumba. But before I get to those, I’m going to do a quick photo dump of my NYE in Boston (no, I didn’t stay there for the evening festivities).

My friend from CT came to visit for a few days. I met her in Boston and we walked around for upwards of 5 hours straight. We didn’t really have anything in mind, we just walked, ate, shopped a little (hello, lululemon ), and talked. It was the perfect cross-training day and was certainly not a rest day. I’m more sore from the walking (we estimated that we walked close to 10 miles, maybe more), than I am from running 10+ miles! It wouldn’t be a trip to Boston without tons of good food, which brings me to WIAW : NYE Edition


hey there, friend


first lululemon purchase ever!


blocking the ice sculptures


lunchtime at Trident Booksellers and Cafe ! Hot chocolate and challah grilled cheese. The best!

711537_4237197811299_1836208140_n 711574_4237197371288_930728741_n 730704_4237355855250_974736122_n 702144_4238797011278_1094947600_n


couldn’t leave without a s’mores milkshake at my favorite restaurant ever!

We brought the cupcakes home for my mom because she’s a sucker for cupcakes and ate some of her famous baked mac and cheese for dinner. So good. We had planned to go to the movies but every single movie at the theatre was sold out. Who goes to the movies on NYE? Apparently the whole world. Except us. Then we drove to Portsmouth for First Night but that wasn’t very exciting so we turned around and drove home 30 seconds after we got there. The rest of the night was spent watching movies and finally the ball dropping before we climbed into bed at promptly 12:07am.

We woke up nice and refreshed to run the Hangover Classic at Salisbury Beach (after some pancakes, of course. Breakfast of champions, duh)



IMG_0159 IMG_0161

After a lot of debate and some advice from Chels , I decided to run for fun. I could have gone out and pounded out a (hopefully) sub 21 minute 5K, but I invited my friend to come spend New Years with me and I didn’t want the pressure that comes with racing. So we did a quick 10 minute warm up, talked for the first two miles of the race at about an 8:30 pace, and I took off for the last mile to finish with a time of 23:40 something (the results aren’t up yet). It was a blast and we won some beer mugs, for milkshakes, since neither of us are drinkers, ironically.

Then it was off to ZUMBA straight from the race! I’ve said it before, zumba is my favorite workout activity to do, even more than running when I’m at Caroline’s class. This particular one was INSANE. There were so many people and there were three instructors instead of the usual one. I literally couldn’t stop smiling the whole 75 minutes of class.


I have this weird obsession with being front and center even if it involves shoving people out of the way


Caroline’s on the bottom. She’s amazing.

Perfect way to ring in the new year if you ask me. I enjoyed life for the day, accomplishing my goal for 2013 :)

How are you enjoying life?

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