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Welcome, February!

Posted Feb 01 2013 2:11pm

After the half marathon in January I decided that I was going to do two things for the remainder of January:

1. Start Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp – I actually started it a week or so before the half marathon, but I modified it because I didn’t want to kill my legs and then I spent the entire week after the half going on walks. So, I decided to start everything over from the very beginning that way I could get the full effect of her bootcamp. So far: it’s killer. In a good way. I’m a fan.



2. Take it easy on the running front and only run when I felt like it. Then, in February, I would start to ease back into running more consistently while still focusing on gaining strength via Tina.

What ended up happening was that the first week of Tina’s bootcamp went flawlessly. The second week (this week), however, wasn’t quite as flawless. I felt obligated to run – I mean, that’s what I do, right?! – and my legs were TORCHED because I  jumped straight back into lifting legs. So I went for a super short run on Tuesday in place of the cardio Tina recommended and took Wednesday off. I also got a 90 minute massage on Wednesday. I was fully expecting to be ready to go Thursday.

But when yesterday rolled around I was feeling a w f u l. So I took a nap when I got home from work. And then I ran for one minute – one full minute – and then I got off the treadmill and went and took another nap.

The good news? Yesterday was still January so I don’t feel that bad about it. Today, on the other hand, there are no excuses. Time to kick it into gear.

That being said, I do have some things that are worth noting and some things I need to do:



1. I joined the same running club that Tara runs with. I haven’t run with them yet, and won’t til next week, but I did join. And I’m excited.

2. I’m putting myself on a budget. A yet to be determined budget.

3. I’m going to do more freelance writing.

4. I’m going to make time to blog.

5. I’m going to do at least one thing outside of my comfort zone this month.

6. I’m going to try one new thing that I’ve been wanting to do [going to a trampoline place, going hiking with my mama, something like that].

7. I’m really focusing on good nutrition right now. Obviously, I don’t expect to be perfect by any means, but I am going to try to be more mindful of what I’m eating.

8. Finish cleaning out our office. And then determine which room to focus on next.

And really, that’s that. So there was really only one thing worth noting and then several things I need to do.

Also, this post seems really boring now that I’ve read it, but I’m posting it anyway because I need to be accountable and having it all written out will help. It will also help when I promptly forget all the things I said I would do, and I won’t have the excuse of not remembering what I said. Because it’s all right here. So BOOM, SELF.

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