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weigh the advice---consider the source---make your decisions

Posted Oct 27 2012 2:30am
Motivation Can Come in Many Different Forms;

I ran 4 miles today, which was one of my longest runs in the past few weeks. It was a good run physically, but a little stressful!

I started out by walking up the big hill that is just outside my house, intending to start my run at the top. Just as I was starting up the hill, a lady that was driving in the opposite direction, stopped me to warn me that her husband had come upon a coyote while out walking this route early in the morning. She said that the coyote  didn't get spooked by her husband, which he thought was odd, because they are usually afraid of humans, unless of course, they are rabid! I thought that it was really nice of her to stop to warn me at first, but then the conversation took a turn that sort of ticked me off!

She said that I probably didn't have anything to worry about as far as the animal was concerned, because the place where it was spotted was about a mile away and she was SURE that I wouldn't be walking that far?!!
REALLY....WHY would she think that? Okay,'s okay....don't be offended!

I was just about to say "thank you" and go on my way when she say's, "I can't imagine why you would be out walking up this hill anyway! I've thought about walking, but I read somewhere that hills are really bad for your knees and legs, and there are so many hills around I don't walk."
Hmmmm......Lady, you ARE driving a car, and the track is less than a mile from here?!! Okay, Pam....just smile and LET IT GO!!

Then she said, "I actually see people RUNNING on these hills! There is NO WAY I would ever think about running.....I heard someplace that running is really bad for your heart!! Ha-ha...Oh, I think I've seen YOU running before, right? That's just NUTS!!"  PAM......LET IT GO!! Just RUN!

She then say's, "Well, I can't tell you what to do, but I certainly wouldn't risk it!" OKAY....was she referring to the walking, the running, or the COYOTE?? Either way, I was getting a little annoyed!!

Lady, let me get this straight....YOU are sitting in your car...YOU are probably 100 pounds overweight....YOU are smoking a cigarette......YOU are telling ME that it's not HEALTHY for me to RUN??? Yeah, I'm gonna TOTALLY take your advice in THIS area!!
Yes, I got a LITTLE steamed and indignant! I hope I don't sound like I'm being judgemental about her weight, or her smoking. I TOTALLY get the weight thing, after all, I am 30-35 pounds overweight myself, and I have been heavier than this. I have never been a smoker, but that is just something that never appealed to me, even when I was a teen and everyone was trying it! Of course now that we know the dangers of smoking....Well, just a habit that I'm happy to say, I never picked up!

So, if this woman doesn't want to get out and walk or run......FINE, but she was pretty much saying that I was insane and should just sit on my butt and do nothing.....FOR MY HEALTH and SAFETY!! Oh, wait.....her HUSBAND was out walking this route?? Has she warned HIM of the many dangers of walking and or running??? Now I was REALLY getting annoyed.......I could feel my heart rate climbing, and NOT from the exercise!

Oh, and as far as that stupid coyote goes.....PLEASE, would I let the threat of some stupid coyote keep me from running?? I don't THINK so!! After all, I didn't let a broken toe stop me from running a marathon! I also didn't let the fact that my darling husband (whom I love very much) told me once after a marathon that I would NEVER run another one, stop me from doing several marathons after that (C'mon.....he couldn't have meant it, or he would NEVER have TOLD me I couldn't....He knows me better than that!!)....I didn't let thunder, lightening, hail or torrential downpours keep me from running a half marathon.....A COYOTE?? YEAH, RIGHT!!
Okay, so maybe I over-reacted just a bit, but she really pushed the right buttons with me!  Yeah, maybe I'm a little nuts (MAYBE??) but my reaction to her warnings........ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I will keep running until I can't bend down to tie my running shoes anymore....No, forget that...maybe when I can no longer do that,  I'll take up barefoot running!!" Wow....what a motivator she was!!

I was only planning to run 3 miles today, but I was so worked up over this conversation that I kept going for another mile!!

After I finished my run I started feeling a little silly about how worked up I got over this ladies advice! After all, we all make our own decisions regarding our own health. I just like to think that I am at least TRYING to make healthy and well informed decisions.  Just to reaffirm what I already knew.....I looked up some articles on the subject!

I think maybe I'll print this following article out and take it with me when I run again, in case I see this poor, misinformed woman! Maybe it will help her decide to make some healthier lifestyle choices!

Running For Your Life - Runners Do Live Longer

By Rick Morris

Two Miles a Day Keeps the Grim Reaper Away

Running is a Diabetes Buster

Running – The Cancer Killer

How Far Should You Go?

Is There a Dark Side?

Run On

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