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weekly workout wrap-up

Posted Mar 25 2013 10:20am

so, that whole Sunday blogging thing . that’s a laugh, right? I would say that I didn’t blog yesterday because I was just far too busy, however that would straight up be a lie. all I did yesterday was:

1. laid in bed and forced sean to chat with me. sean loves when I wake up early and wake him up and talk his ear off about nothing. promise. when I did finally get out of bed and left him alone he promptly went back to sleep. and then yelled [<--- term used loosely] at me when I rescheduled my massage at 10am because I “disturbed his morning nap.” I don’t think it qualifies as a nap if you haven’t gotten out of bed yet.

2. got a massage. I feel like this is blasphemy, because any massage is better than not getting a massage at all, but it just was not that great, which annoys me.

3. wandered aimlessly around target. I bought this curling iron for, you know, all the times I’m curl my hair [read: never].


via – this actually might not be the one I bought, but it came from target, was on sale for $24.99 and looks sort of like that. which basically sums up all of the curling irons like that on the target website.

4. watched this movie:


[do not even try to debate with me about the fact that this is the greatest movie of all times. I do not not want to hear if you disagree.] also, sean made a shocking discovery during this movie.



Now, maybe it’s common knowledge that Inigo Montoya and Jason Gideon [that’s old school Criminal Minds for anyone who doesn’t regularly watch the show] are the same person, but I just had no idea.

5. that’s it. I watched about 15 episodes of duck dynasty in a row, followed it up with a healthy dose of Revenge and then went to bed. I even brought my laptop over to the couch next to me, but the thought of opening it and blogging was just overwhelming.

all that to say, my day was too exhausting to do this:

Monday: Run 15 minutes [AM], 1/4 mile repeats on the treadmill [PM] <— I feel like this isn’t going to happen. That’s pretty pitiful. We’ll see if I can drum up some motivation. 1.67 miles in the morning. and that’s it. so I did a stellar job of drumming up that motivation, obviously.

Tuesday: Run 15 minutes [AM], BodyPump [PM]. 3.77 miles in the morning of speed work. 5 min warm up, 20 min alternating 1.5 min hard with 1 min easy, 5 min cool down. BodyPump in the PM.

Wednesday: Run 15 minutes [AM], easy 45 minute run [PM]. 2.22 miles in the AM [20 min, not 15]. easy 5.12 miles around the neighborhood after work.

Thursday: Run 15 minutes [AM], Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack [PM]. 2.91 miles before work [25 min, not 15]. Jillian 6 week 6 pack after.

Friday: Run 15 minutes [AM], Friday 5k [PM]. 1.77 miles in the morning. 3.1 in the afternoon.

Saturday: Run with the running group [wanting to hit a total of 8-10 miles] + BodyPump. I’m just obsessed. 6.15 freaking terrible miles on the treadmill in the morning because I just couldn’t be bothered to get up in time for running group. then I took louie on a disastrous trip to the vet before heading to the gym and finishing up my run [3.28 mi] on the treadmill before a BodyPump class. Then I spent the night dancing and wedding-ing.


Sunday: Nothing. I have really high aspirations of being ridiculously lazy. NAILED IT.

All in all, it was a successful week, I think. I’ll be back at some point, either today or tomorrow, to set up this week’s workouts.

How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone do anything fun?

What’s your favorite older movie?

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