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weekly workout wrap-up

Posted Mar 17 2013 7:39am

I’m blogging on a Sunday. And it’s wordy. Truly, I never thought that would happen. However, after mentioning that I wanted to start recapping my workouts, I spent the rest of the week mulling it over and thinking that actually blogging about how they went on Sunday would be good for the accountability… until I hit a bad workout week, and then I probably won’t want to talk about it. But this was a good one!

So let’s get to recappin’… I’m including my workout schedule from Monday and then how it went in red [you probably would’ve never guessed that on your own.]:

Monday: Run 15 minutes [AM], intervals/HIIT on the treadmill [PM] Success. I didn’t want to get up and run 15 minutes, but I somehow convinced myself that I needed to and I’m so glad I did. Then I had a pretty stellar [tough] PM HIIT session where I alternated 20 minutes of one minute of running hard [starting at level 8.0 on the treadmill and increasing .1 every minute until 8.9] with one minute of easier running at level 7.0 with a 5 min running warm up/cool down for a total of 30 min. So Monday looked like: 1.76 miles in the AM, 3.76 miles in the PM.

Tuesday: Run 15 minutes [AM], BodyPump [PM] Another solid day. A little slower run in the AM with 1.73 miles, then a freaking awesome BodyPump session in the afternoon. Officially re-obsessed with Pump.

Wednesday: Run 15 minutes [AM], 5-6 mile run [PM] I struggled a little bit on this day. I had to run on the treadmill after work because the cable people were at our house and Sean was at the motocross track, and I mentally just did not want to do that. But I did. So there’s that. AM run of 1.68 miles, PM run of 5.2 miles.

Thursday: Run 15 minutes [AM], some sort of workout DVD for some strength [PM] Slept horribly Wednesday right and had a slow AM run of 1.63 miles. Did NOT want to work out after work, but popped in a Jillian DVD anyway. And by the end of the workout I was in a great mood and wanted to keep going. Because I’m getting smart, however, I stopped there. I think I’m starting to figure out when I go overboard and when I need to stop working out despite my endorphins telling me to keep going. But that’s a post for another day.

Friday: Run 15 minutes [AM], Friday 5k [PM] Hey-o! It’s Friday! Started off the morning with a quick 1.75 mile run. Finished off the afternoon with a lovely little 5k on the treadmill. Both of these were good.

Saturday: Run at least 6 miles + Zumba class [this falls into my ‘do something out of your comfort zone once a month’ thing. I am terrified. While I love to dance, I have zero rhythm.] Maybe a workout DVD at some point depending on how intense Zumba is. Well, I went to bed at 9PM on Friday [Sean was out of town fishing and I am the ultimate lame when he’s gone], so I woke up refreshed and ready to run on Saturday. 6.25 easyish miles with the running group later and I was at home looking up the class schedule at 24 Hour Fitness. I misread the schedule though, and Zumba started later than I though it did [and I had a massage appointment that could not be missed], so I went to a 30 minute BodyPump class instead. And it was awesome. Then when I got home I realized I was 3 miles away from hitting 30 miles for the week and I felt freaking fantastic physically, so I banged out another quick 3 miles on the treadmill.

Sunday: Rest. Maybe some yoga or a walk. But nothing big. We’re going rock climbing today and that will be the extent of my physical activity.

I feel really good about this week. I hit 3 strength workouts, which I wanted, and rounded out the week with a solid 30 miles of running. I never felt burned out or like I was pushing my body too far, and I had a ton of easy runs mixed in with just 3-4 quicker ones, which I think is good for me. I LOVE running 15 minutes in the morning. Not only does it help keep my mileage up, but I feel like I start off the day well and for whatever reason my legs never felt torched like they have in the past when I’ve run higher [for me] mileage… Usually when I start running in the 30+ mile range I start getting burned out, but I feel awesome today and knowing that I have a rest day today is just kind of the icing on the cake. I have some theories formulating about what’s different right now, but that’s for another time Smile

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! I’d love to hear all about it!

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