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Weekly *Snipits*

Posted Feb 06 2013 7:00am

Couch Picnic including fresh popped pop corn and strawberry banana smoothies!!!!

Drinking milk......strangely enough.   I love milk when I'm pregnant but when I'm not it totally grosses me out and I never drink it.

Ginger loves to read. She loves books. It makes me happy! There is such a wonderful world of magic and discovery there!

Just a reminder!! Keep it Simple!!! 
Today I'm making a whole chicken in my crock pot. I have decided I need to get on the crock pot band wagon if I'm going to be having 3 kids 3 and under. It  might be the only way we survive. Plus as soon as I have the baby, I'll go gluten and dairy free for good breast feeding results so I need to start planning what I'm going to eat!!!! 

I'm also going to try some creamy mashed sweet potatoes to go with!! 
YUM, right? 

In between the cooking adventures I am working on sterilizing my bathroom before baby #3 arrives but because I'm so big, I get winded really easily so it seems everything is hard these days.   
Everyday I've been just a little. Like yesterday I cleaned the floor on my hands and knees. Today I'll start on the toilette or the sinks. I like to have things really clean and organized for when the baby comes! One step at a time! 

 NESTING....gotta love it!

NOTE: My new friend Morgan from { Mama Loves Papa } is doing a whole series on marriage this month and I love it!!! 

Today she is posting about the topic "friendship and romance"

Go check it out and join the Discussion!!!

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