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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Posted Apr 02 2013 12:38am

IMG_0183 Last week I was inspired by the weekly photo challenges on , and decided to give one a try. I had a blast today documenting a day in our lives. The challenge was to take one photo every hour as you go about your day. I took a little bit extra, but at least one photo every hour.

So often I try to express through words what our lifestyle is like: living in an RV, bumming around, eating, running, writing, and reading. I’m a word girl, not a picture girl. So this was the perfect challenge to help me think outside the box, and I gained a new perspective on what it is we really do all day.

I found my inspiration renewed with this experience. I could write a post about every single one of these pictures (hover or click on the photo for a caption). One picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Welcome to our Monday.

Good morning sleepyheads! This is where Ginger took her morning pee. High expectations for a day this beautiful. Everwhere we turn, beauty surrounds us. Scouting out a boondocking spot to spend the night. It has everything we need: a water source and a spectacular front yard. If the dog's happy, I'm happy. Soft sands in Utah. Quite a change from Arizona's cholla a few weeks back. Freedom Boondocking. You don't get views like these in an RV park. Scouting out a doggie daycare in case we need to put Ginger up while we hike Zion. Running to Mommy! I love this face. We spotted a butterfly (moth?) across the creek, and I tested the camera zoom. Playing in the river. Shacky said the cold water felt great on his calves. We drove to another spot for more great views. There's always time for some ball play! I stumbled on a gorgeous little building that looked just like a summer home, but when I peeked inside it was actually a laundry. We threw in a load while surfing free wifi. Oscar's is an amazing vegan-friendly little spot. And their beer mugs are huge, which is pretty rare in Zion. My salad at Oscar's. I scarfed it down! Delicious. Marriage: everyone deserves a chance to be equally miserable. Shacky's burger. Someone strongly recommended the Murder burger. They made my margarita using white wine instead of tequila. Our waiter said the restaurant was located too close to an elementary school, so they couldn't legally serve hard alcohol (typical Utah). However, walking around after dinner we found that Wildcat Willies (DIRECTLY across the street from the school), had a full list of hard alcohol on each table. Hm. The dog may play during the day, but the cat comes out in the evenings... Momma cat leaping from the counter to the bed. Watch out for her crazy eyes! Ginger supervising my work. Shacky is both trip-planner and driver. In the evenings, he is hard at work doing the legwork for the next adventure. I basically just run, write, and take pictures all day. He's so incredibly awesome and I would be much less cooler without his behind-the-scenes magic.

A lovely end to a day well played.

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